SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In a jailhouse interview with CBS13 on Friday, the man accused of taking two bites out of a python snake the day before says he has no recollection of it and that he’s been an alcoholic “for a long time.”

“I feel horrible as hell about it. If I can get out of here I’d like to pay for (the snake’s owner’s) pet bills,” 54-year-old David Senk said in a Sacramento County Main Jail interview with CBS13’s Derek Shore.

Senk, who had two black eyes and bruised up face, expressed shock when told of what he’s accused of doing and seeing a picture of the wounded python. He said he had blacked out after a day of drinking and couldn’t remember anything from Thursday.

“It’s bizarre,” Senk said. “How the hell did it get into my hands in the first place is what I’m wondering.”

“I get drunk and I get crazy,” he added.

Sacramento police officers were called to a home in the 3600 block of Marysville Boulevard just before 6:30 Thursday evening.

When they arrived, they found Senk with blood on his face. While talking to Senk, a witness hailed officers and told them Senk had just taken two large bites out of their live python.

Animal Control was called to come and care for the injured python. The three-and-half foot snake had emergency surgery and is expected to recover after 15 stitches sealed the wound. The bites cracked three ribs and tore through a muscle.

“I’ve never seen anybody biting a reptile or any other animal and taking a chunk out of it,” said Ricardo Gaitan of Sacramento City Animal Services.

Senk was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on one count of felony animal torture. His bail has been set at $10,000.

“I’m not to fond about snakes, but I try not to bite them,” Senk said from the jail. “It’s the other way around usually, they bite me.”

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  1. WOW says:

    he must of got word that snake is a delicacy in other parts of the world and wanted to see for himself

    1. WOW says:

      **must have got.. . not must of

      1. Matt says:

        “must have gotten word” would be better

  2. Society is full of idiots says:

    No reason for the attack? How about drunk or drugged?

  3. C. Fury says:

    No joke, I have known this man since I was born. I can tell you he has been an alcoholic for a very long time, but I can’t imagine him doing this on purpose, or doing this sober anyway. He really is a nice guy, who just went down the wrong road. I hope the owners can forgive him someday, and hate the sin not the person. Drinking Alcohol is not something to take lightly. You get hooked fast and it becomes a sickness. Anyway, my heart goes out to the owners and I’m glad the snake is okay. God Bless!

    1. PHIL says:

      Recently on the radio I heard a woman describing the fact that she had gambled her family into financial ruin. She says “I am not a bad person I just lost my way”. Yeah right… Now we hear this looser alcoholic, who certainly must be drunk very often, state “I get drunk and I get crazy”. So he must “get crazy” often then. And according to you, we are to understand, sympathize and excuse his behavior because “he just went down the wrong road”. We all have choices in life and meet forks in the road, sometimes daily. The dog ate my homework and the devil made me do it just do not cut it. Just wake up and smell the boos, he is NOT a nice person. He is in need of serious help… And he has to want real help. The chances are, like most all losers, he does not really want to make the effort or the self sacrifice required.

  4. jackie says:

    Just when ya thought you had read it all, how mean can one get, pythons are good pets, this man is really a wasted human to do something so horrible.

  5. JTS says:

    Pythons are predators and will eat anything small enough to go down their throat, the dog, the cat. the baby, anything. Having said that, if a man is drinking so much that that he would actually take a bite of one while intoxicated, he has life issues that require immediate attention and should get professional help like last month.

  6. Dani says:

    Sorry but, this is funny! I mean I feel bad for the poor snake. Man, the poor snake. :(But taking a bite in a flippin’ snake?! L o L. Who could even get a chance to bite a snake without getting bit themselves? Nice snake? Never heard of one. They might not bite people or you, but they can’t really love like a dog or cat or bird. Think about it. Can fish love you?

  7. Laurie209 says:

    Alcoholics affect everyone. When will they learn that this is not just a personal problem but a problem that effects everyone and everything they come in contact with. Hopefully, he and others will see themselves for what they are doing and seek recovery.

  8. k-sus says:

    python am sorry 4 tha,.wish a quick recovery.

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