SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill requiring more transparency from the fundraising arms of California’s public colleges in response to a legal dispute over a speaking contract with Sarah Palin.

Brown said Wednesday that he signed SB8 by San Francisco Democratic Sen. Leland Yee. The bill requires foundations set up by California’s universities and college systems to disclose financial records, contracts and correspondence under the public records law.

Yee drafted the bill last year after California State University Stanislaus’ foundation refused to release its contract with the former Alaska governor for a fundraiser. A judge eventually ordered the information to be released.

Yee says the bill will promote accountability and transparency over billions of dollars administered by the University of California, California State University and community college systems.

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  1. Jeff says:

    So he vetoes a bill that was in tune with the federal ruling to limit protesters of military funerals, however he signs this piece of garbage. California is a going downhill fast and has been for some time.

    This is yet another reason why Brown needs to be Recalled

  2. Think before you rant says:

    Ummm well considering the constant and obvious corruption in our college system i think that its at least a good idea to make all the transactions public record……and if your protesting military funerals you have issues and should just move too mexico or canada

  3. BillM says:

    Sarah Palin’s speech was profitable, Michelle Obama’s speech cost lost over a million dollars. Yet Yee felt the need to respond to Sarah Palin’s profitable fundraising event and NOT when the university LOST money and misrepresented how much they LOST. Yee is deceives and does not have the integrity to be member of the legislature in this great state. He should apologize to us all for proposing the legislation, Jerry is too senile to know what he is signing. Too much time in the bars during his first two terms as governor I suspect.

  4. sirecho says:

    Lee and Jerry should be tarred and feathered and run out of Sacramento.

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