SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A suspected car thief led police on a chase, was shot at by a resident and then finally taken into custody in a two-hour ordeal Friday morning in north Sacramento.

The suspect, identified later Friday as 37-year-old John Knapp, was found hiding in a field in the 4200 block of Kitty Lane near Auburn Boulevard shortly before 11:30 a.m.

Knapp led police on a chase along Interstate 80 in Sacramento before exiting to surface streets and then fleeing on foot and jumping fences in resident’s backyards, where a resident reportedly fired a warning shot at the suspect.

“He fired a warning shot,” said another neighbor, “but he didn’t stop. He ran off.”

Police surrounded the neighborhood and set up perimeter at Orange Grove and Norris avenues. A SWAT team was also called out out and additional units responded after the report of the shot fired.

CHP blocked the southbound right lane of Auburn Boulevard from Myrtle to the on ramp of I-80/Business 80 until about 11:40 a.m.

The incident began just before 9 a..m. when a car was stolen and police gave chase. Sacramento police, Sacrament sheriff and CHP officers all responded.

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  1. Confused says:

    The wording is misleading on this headline…I thought they were talking about Chase bank lol!

  2. Blow His Head Off says:

    I hope the Swat Team kills the little gang banging, car thief of a freak.

  3. Manny says:

    “Sacramento police, Sacrament sheriff and CHP officers all responded.” Really?!?!….they all had to respond just to catch a miserable car thief? Give me a break! What a waste of tax $!!!! Go catch the REAL criminals! They must have nothing to do and are ALL trying to justify their jobs!

    1. Ernie says:

      I am the owner of the truck that was stolen in Fair Oaks and I am grateful to the multiple agencis for finding this guy. He is a multi felony real criminal and was caught because I had loJack installed in my truck. He had lots of stolen property inside and in the bed of my truck, so if this was your property or truck I would thing you would be grateful for the recovery,. Maybe not.

  4. One More off the Streets says:

    Are you kidding, if it were your car that had gotten stolen, wouldn’t you want officers to respond. The REAL issue here, is that this theif is a CRIMINAL and endangering others lives, thus causing multiple agencies to respond due to the high speed chase and crossing various jurisdictions. I don’t feel this is a waste of my tax money.

  5. Me says:

    I work on Auburn Blvd & had all of the cops & news crews in my parking lot. The guy was found almost 3 hours later in the same area he wrecked the truck. Don’t know why it took them that long to get the dogs out here. They could have found him within minutes with the dogs. It was like a circus out here this morning……..

  6. Lessons Learned says:

    Manny this may help you
    crim·i·nal   /ˈkrɪmənl/ adjective
    1. of the nature of or involving crime.
    2. guilty of crime.
    3. Law . of or pertaining to crime or its punishment: a criminal proceeding.
    4. senseless; foolish: It’s criminal to waste so much good food.
    5. exorbitant; grossly overpriced: They charge absolutely criminal prices.

  7. rmcsticks says:

    to the home owner who fired the warning shot , next time aim for the forehead they stop when you do that, and they are just POS and no one will miss them. Oh and if it’s your son ! To bad you should have rised him better. no one feels sorry for you or your POS kid.

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