ELK GROVE (CBS13) – One person died and another seriously hurt in a crash following a police pursuit Sunday night, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said an ambulance crew reported an erratic driver about 9:30 p.m.

When a CHP officer attempted to pull the driver over, the suspect took off leading the officer on a high-speed chase.

The pursuit topped speeds of 90 miles per hour before the suspect swerved into oncoming traffic on Grant Line Road near Equestrian Drive, slamming head-on into another pick-up truck driven by Alejandro Topete.

Grant Line Road between Elk Grove Boulevard and Bond Road was closed immediately after the accident while emergency crews responded to the scene.

Authorities had to extricate victims from the wreckage.

CHP says the driving the pursued vehicle died from his injuries. Topete suffered serious injuries but is expected to live.

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  1. PeeNice says:

    I drove by this at ten thirty and the road was closed. The wreckage looked bad. Two trucks were torn up. Hopefully the innocent bystander wasn’t the one killed in this accident. Having a baby in the car with me, driving on that road, especially at night, scares me. Sad.

    1. getoutofmystate says:

      kelly657 – Really you have to ask if it was a Latino or Black. Like those are the only people that ever run from the police! WOW!
      One person has died! Get a life!

      1. somebody says:

        Look you do not own this state nor will you ever. This state belongs to one person and that person created us all equal. You seriously believe that the only people that run from the police are Latino or Black who ever you are please get a life. You seriously have to be confined to a romm with no contact to the outside world to seriously belive this. I hope that God can forgive you for your way of thinking because my dad was the man injured he was inocent he was going to work to provide for us so that we can have somewhere to live and something to eat. I hope that you never have to go through what our family is going through. Hopefully no one from your race ever hits your most loved one because then you will see what it feels like and I hope no one ever says anything about your race. I hope that one day you take back what you just said because God makes justice in this world and trust me that ignorant and irresponisble police officer is also facing the consequences.

      2. MAC49 says:

        Consequences? Do you really think that officers, hurt, kill or do horrible things while on patroll, don’t suffer living with what has happened. I’m sad for your family, But officers do not like when something horrible happens to innocent people. That is something they have to live with everyday. God help you, and please don’t ever get in an accident where someone gets killed, hurt, or baddly injured. Because then you will know what officers live with every single day when something bad happens. God Be With You!
        Red Light and Siren=Pull to the right and stop!

    2. shat says:

      this is a redneck truck. latino & black don’t have these kind of pickup truck.

  2. Tina Hamilton says:

    Very sad, and very unnecessary. Hoping the other driver will be ok, sad anyone had to die…it is never good when someone dies…wondering why he ran, foolish choice, nothing can be worth dying that way, nothing!

  3. Alfie TwoBuckets says:

    Totally irresponsible of the police to continue to chase a vehicle at those speeds. They have the license plate number. There have to be other options than putting innocent lives at risk with chases at 90 miles per hour.

    1. planahead says:

      Wrong! The driver was already driving erratically and needed to be stopped. Speeding and erratic driving is not a free ride for idiots. Get them off my streets–dead or alive.

    2. MAC49 says:

      People like you amaze me. Don’t look at the criminals behavior, just the officers. How many officers crash or get hurt trying to protect your dumb, ignorant !!!. Give me a break! They do this every day, every time they respond to a call, everytime they walk up to a car, and you sit there on your computer and say this about an officer doing his job.

  4. jc says:

    I get so angry at these police chasing horrible accidents to innocent people on the highways. I know a wonderful family that was wiped out, mom,dad, and two little boys by a young guy running from the police, for the price of stealing a hubcap the “POLICE” were the cause of this horrible accident that killed six. The driver who stole the hub caps was also killed. These chases are irresponsible I agree 100%.

  5. seyfi adana says:

    OK, so her’s a pervert in a stolen car with your young child trussed up in the trink. So let them go to do what they want with the victim? Cop didn’t know that there was a kid in the trunk. Oh well, at least no innocent got hurt.

  6. MAC49 says:

    Of course the officers is wrong, Not the criminal. Let the officers in your town be aware if something bad happens to you or anyone in your family, Please do not try and stop the criminal if thet run. The criminal always has the right to run and not be stopped. I pray you never need an officer or an ambulance or fire department to respond for you, because they can not drive fast to get there. After all you would not want anyone to get hurt if they do not pull over when they see a red lights and siren. People mind set amazes me today.

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