GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — A large marijuana grow near an elementary school in Grass Valley has neighbors on edge.

After complaining for weeks, they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Having this move in next to our children, it’s frightening. It’s frightening.”

And Alta Sierra Elementary Principal Shar Johns isn’t the only one scared of the pot grow near her school.

“I’m very upset about where it is, not only because of the nature of what’s being done but what people do to protect those areas,” one parent, Lorraine Dewson, told CBS13’s Checkey Beckford.

And neighbors in the residential Alta Sierra development say the owner of the property on Annie Drive is sending a strong message he’ll take action to protect his crop.

“He’s made it clear that he’s armed, that he doesn’t want anyone around,” Johns said.

“At one point there was a sign that said ‘we have guns,'” said a neighbor, Don Bessee.

Bessee represents a group of about 100 neighbors who have formed a non-profit to get the pot grow out of their neighborhood.

He says people no longer feel safe in their homes.

“It’s a health and safety issue,” he said.

But Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says it’s not just this neighborhood. There’s been an explosion of marijuana grows and complaints across the county.

“We’ve had increased calls where weapons are being displayed and discharged because people are trying to protect their crop,” Royal said.

But with a staff of only five narcotics officers, the sheriff says they simply can’t keep up. He and county supervisors are working on an ordinance that would regulate pot grows.

“We’ll be able to … reduce what we’ve been seeing.” Royal said.

The sheriff added that the sign neighbors complained about is perfectly legal.

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  1. Mark Gray says:

    The video stated the grow was 1/2 mile away from the school. State law says within 1000 feet of a school is an illegal grow. Hence, 1/2 mile = legal grow, IF it’s a medical grow. The guns? That’s another issue.

  2. DownWithWeed says:

    Only when people will opn their eyes and “nose’s” will they see that these things go on right near schools all the time. I was up in Forest Hill one time and I was behind the highschool and I happened upon the biggest greenhouse of weed I’ve ever seen. I was shocked to find it because it couldm’t have been more then 1000 yards from the highschool. I think if their gonna let people grow this stuff they should make it illegal to grow in a school zone. They wouldn’t let a tobacco company or a pharmaceutical company do their business in a school zone. Why should other people be allowed too? The medical weed laws in this state are a joke. I guarantee all the people that know people with these cards.Maybe 1% of those people need the medical card and the other 99% don’t ned it.

    1. Jeff says:

      or we could just take prescription drugs like the government wants us too.Or even drink alcohol and actually cause bodily harm to others.I think I will stick with weed cause i’ve lost a dad to alcohol and many friends to prescription drugs but NEVER lost anybody to WEED.

  3. Jeff says:

    Down with nosey neighbors

    1. rmcsticks says:

      Jeff I see your point But if it was’nt for (Nosey Neighbors) no one would watch your house when your gone… If they like you that is ! my neighbors watch my house for me and i theirs.

  4. rmcsticks says:

    Im not against pot but I do understand why the people around the school dont want it and for good reason, with all the thugs ripping off the pot growers there is bound to be trouble and that in itself is a good reason not to have it near the school or any where there is kids (parks) now you should write your goverenment and get the law right….its there fault it has gotten out of hand, If it was legial the POS thugs would just grow there own not stealing it with guns. this may sound stupid but its the way it is. remember when the gov took booze away crime went up and when they gave it back it stopped

  5. relax says:

    people give this PLANT too much power. If the guy was someone who was going to be violent or harm children near a school, he’s going to be that guy regardless of what he grows in his yard. Let’s focus on the meth lab and catholic churches near schools….much more dangerous to children than a plant and the loving hippy that wants his land to himself. Change your perspective people. Lets not nerf the world, but teach our children to respect other peoples property. Let the lynch mob form for the tweekers. Smoke some pot and relax.

  6. Standing says:

    I can understand the argument for personal use/ single patient usage grows. However when the # of plants growing at a specific site increases it tends to invite unintended consequences even if it is a “legal grow” . And should we ignore or forget that the story in the link below, about patch/pot pirates is also from the same county (Nevada County) that Alta Sierra is in. I think the ordnance idea is a good start and would limit the amount to large growing operations. I agree that the neighbors have valid concerns especially so close to a school.The debate over legalization is not going to end anytime soon so the local people in that residential area have come up with a possible solution to the problem in the mean time.

    Grower recounts ordeal that led to fatal car chase in ‘patch pirate’ case

  7. Standing says:

    Of not To large growing operations.

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