By Don Geronimo

Today, Don begins with last night’s episode of Two And A Half Men, and reminding us of the bet he has with Dave regarding the ratings. One of them will be shaving a Hitler mustache on their face tomorrow! Dave then tells us about how he crapped his pants during the midday show yesterday, and what he did with his favorite Superman boxers he ruined.

Don’s two dogs got into a bone war yesterday, resulting in a trip to the vet, and Don tells us about how tough of a dog Butterbean is. The guys then talk about Monday Night Football last night, and debate who will play more games this year, Tony Romo or Michael Vick. Then Steve Jones from X Factor comes on to talk about the show, working with Simon Cowell, and what happened to the girl who appeared on the first episode, then disappeared.

After Don reads an article in the American Psychology Journal on the top 5 things that turn on men and women, the guys dive into their favorite TV theme songs of all time. The listeners respond as well with calls and texts wanting to hear their favorite themes.

Don then interviews NFL Hall-Of-Famer Jack Youngblood, who talks about his new book Because It’s Sunday, The Legend Of Jack Youngblood, how the rule changes in the NFL to protect the players have hurt the game, and the toughest players he’s ever played against.

After hearing President Obama’s “jew/janitor” slip last night during the speech, and the heckler who called him the “antichrist,” it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about Nancy Grace’s nipple slip on Dancing With The Stars, the U.S. Post Office laying off over 100,000 workers, U.C. Berkeley’s “racist” bake sale, and this year’s Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame nominees. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

  1. gerald mitchell says:

    I am liistening to the podcast that you had on zune, the last podcast was cinco de mayo 2011, I love the show, so can you help a brother out? can you add more broadcast to zune thanks

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