LODI (CBS13) — An armed robbery suspect currently sought by police is bragging openly on his online social networking profiles about avoiding authorities.

The Lodi Police Department said they believe Jeffrey McInturff is the suspect caught on surveillance video robbing a Lodi clothing store with a large-caliber revolver, with only a black baseball cap to shield his face.

The same day he allegedly robbed the clothing store, he posted on his Facebook profile, saying, “Getting outta the momo. To daylight,” from the El Rancho Motel in Lodi.

McInturff is suspected in at least three Lodi hold-up robberies and has evaded police in as many as two car chases, authorities said. On his Facebook page, he listed “High Speed Chases” as his favorite sport.

“It sounds like he has complete disregard for anybody’s welfare but himself,” said Lodi Police Detective Hettie Schaeffer.

McInturff is on parole for a weapons charge.

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  1. david says:

    how about issuing the order, to all law enforcement, to shoot on sight and kill this idiot. hope store owners are armed or have someone in their place of business who is armed and knows how to use it.

  2. To bad he couldn't get a date says:

    Mcinturff, looks and sounds like a complete and total loser. In his twisted meth mind he thinks he is some outlaw hero…… his actions have guaranteed he well soon be spending the rest of his worthless life in prison, or dead .

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