A little ‘homework’ can help you and your home ready for the rainy season and prevent some unnecessary problems.  And the best time to do it is before the wet weather begins.  So here is a checklist to get you started.

1.  Clean Your Gutters:  Leaves and debris can clog your gutters causing water damage to your roof and home.

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2.  Inspect Your Roof:  If you’re handy, check your roof.  Make sure all the shingles are secure, trees are not touching the roof and make any repairs needed.

3.  Clean the Fireplace and Flue: Creosote can build up in your fireplace and create a fire hazard. You can hire a chimney sweep if you’re not into being Cinderella.  Also, a poorly vented fireplace can cause carbon monoxide problems.

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4.  Store Outooor Furniture:  Outdoor furniture will last a lot longer if properly stored or wrapped in a tarp.

5. Cut Back Shrubs: Shrubs can rub against your home and damage it.  They can also become a “road” for bugs to get into your home.

6.  Remove Pots/Vessels:  Check your yard for pots, cans or other items that could collect water and become breeding grounds for mosquitos and other bugs.

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7.  Check Door Mats:  Check to make sure your doormats are in good condition.  Wet or muddy floors can cause accidents.