BOULDER CREEK (CBS) – Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Santa Cruz man on Sunday on suspicion of throwing a 17-year-old parrot onto the ground and stomping it to death.

David Miles, 32, was arrested after deputies found him near a home in the 100 block of Madrona Road in unincorporated Boulder Creek where, at about 11:40 p.m. Sunday, they discovered a dead parrot after responding to a disturbance call.

Detectives said Miles killed the parrot, named Huey, after the parrot landed on Miles and began biting him. The parrot died at the home, which Miles had been visiting at the time.

Miles was not injured in the attack.

He was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of animal cruelty.

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  1. MT says:

    If the man had been bitten by a human, this would be self defense. Instead, it’s animal cruelty?

    1. Linda says:

      Not if he stomped the human to death. Moron!

      1. Johnson says:

        That would have been self defense, if it was a cop who did the stomping. Moron!

      2. Lucy Olivera says:

        I own 3 lovely parrots, one like this one, and there is NO excuse to kill one. He could have done so many things to get Huey off of him, the poor family!!

    2. Peanut says:

      If your going to compare it to being bit by a human, be realistic and say it would be like being bitten by a 5 year old. Because a 5 year old will do about as much damage as a parrot (next to nothing). not sure stomping a 5 year old would be considered self defense.

      1. ha says:

        Obviously you are an only child and have never been bitten by a 5 year old…

      2. Melissa in NorCal says:

        Parrots can do damage with those strong beaks. One flew at me in a pet store and started biting me. I tried to shake it off. The parrot finally fell on the floor. I didn’t stomp it. The owner of the pet store told me he hoped it wasn’t injured because I’d have to give him $1500 for it. I told him he was lucky I’m not a sue-happy person as I brandished my forearms with ribbons of blood on it and little puntcure wounds.

  2. GT says:

    Self defense claims only work when you can prove that you felt your life was in danger. I highly doubt a bird threatened him to such a degree…

    1. Johnson says:

      or when you’re a cop

      1. timatoe says:

        And the idiocy continues.

  3. Rusty says:

    Meth can do that to a person.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      Meth can make a person name his parrot Huey and train him to kill visitors?

  4. trj says:

    I hope he gets to meet Bubba in jail.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      Bubba wanna cracka?

  5. LeAnne says:

    what a freaking jerk!

    1. Truth Detector says:

      Couldn’t agree more. That parrot really had it coming…

  6. TerryH says:

    Johnson….you obviously have some issues with law enforcement. What did they do to you to be so bitter?

    1. Johnson says:

      no one bitter here…’s just hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

      1. Lucy Olivera says:

        What is so hilarious over the killing of an animal? I really want to know what you think is funny about it.

        Conversely, it just makes me want to go in and cuddle and scratch my birdies.

  7. raymond says:

    but, consider a parrot can easily take off a finger, nose, eye, ear ?
    why was the parrot out ? pit bull of birds!

    1. Lucy Olivera says:

      They can NOT easily take off a finger ! That is such a myth. I own some of the biggest parrots their are and the bigger they are, the more gental they are … They love to cuddle.

  8. swinss says:

    disgusting human…….

  9. Chi's Mommy says:

    Animal abuse is animal abuse whether its a cat, dog..etc etc. Parrots do not bite or peck at you unless you do something to make them protect themselves. I know this because I had one, and he never bit or peck at my children. I say let the owners of the parrot stomp on this guy just enough to make himself feel likes he dead. Hoping this moron has no pets of his own.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “I know this because I had one, and he never bit or peck [sic] at my children. I say let the owners of the parrot stomp on this guy just enough to make himself feel likes he [sic] dead. Hoping this MORON…”

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Chi’s Mommy.

    2. RB says:

      That’s not true at all. A parrot that was in a hotel I was staying tricked me into letting him climb on my shoulder, arm, and hand and then he proceeded to bite my hand and not let go until I grabbed him by the neck and yanked him off. I was bleeding and the little bugger actually laughed at me.

  10. Cal says:

    I can’t believe this is even an issue!…The parrot attacked him and he stepped on it! I am sure the bird was soooo strong and powerful that it took him 20 stomps to kill the bird…right!!!

  11. Whitey says:

    Heck I would of killed the parrot too LOL

  12. John Shue says:

    You’re sick you know that?

  13. John Shue says:

    People on this site are stupid. I refuse to watch CBS13 anymore. PEOPLE ARE SICK…. IM gonna watch the news leader KCRA.

  14. John Shue says:

    You’ve been reported you sicko.

  15. arbar says:

    I tend to disagree that animals only attack when they feel they are in danger. My old next-door neighbor had a dog that would charge the fence when my (then one year old) son would be walking around the back yard. He would bark viciously and run straight at my son to the point it would smack into the fence. I seriously doubt my one year old son would have done him any harm.

    1. arbar says:

      Oh, and I forgot to add that a friend of mine had a parrot that came over and bit me for no reason. It didn’t bite me enough to cause bleeding but it sure did hurt. I was just sitting there and it was running around loose.

  16. Jonus says:

    I happen to own a parrott and yes it does bite when provoked so I would say there is more to this story than is being told. Also I will add this this guy needs to be knocked to the ground and stompted 20-25 times just like he did this defenceless parrott. Then he will feel only some of the pain for what he did. I volunteer for the job do we have any other volunteers?

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “I happen to own a parrott [sic]”

      The term ‘bird brain’ seems appropos…

  17. fenceamerica says:

    im sorry but all of you people praising his arrest are the sick ones. This is a bird. He didnt assault a human being. I personally dont agree with people torturing animals for no reason but to arrest someone on felony animal cruelty charges is rediculous when there are a whole host of other crimes against human beings that go unpunished/uninvestigated. And lets not even get into the whole animal rights/abortion rights hypocrisy.

    There are several situations that would warrant the death of that bird, perhaps it is always biting him, perhaps the birds owners told it to atack, perhaps the guy came over to tell the owners to shut the bird up or he was going to and then it atacked him so he stomped it.

    Point is, this isnt a dog, or a cat, or a valuable piece of livestock, its a freaking bird. This “crime” should be a low level misdimeanor, destruction of property or something, not felony animal cruelty.

    Oh and btw it never says in there that he stomped the bird 20 times. “suspicion of throwing a 17-year-old parrot onto the ground and stomping it to death” you can kill a bird in 2 stomps easy.

    1. Jonus says:

      Yes, a bird that costs a lot of money. My parrott cost well over $1000 so I would say it is very valuable. Number two live expectancy on my parrot is 75 years plus. As you say maybe the guy came to shut the bird up on private property so there is another charge. If the owner turned the bird loose on him maybe it was for a good reason. Felony yes I agree because he had no right stomping the parrott or any other animal for that matter. Just like he would have no right to put his hands on another human being. You know and I know he will plead down and get off with a slapp on the butt. Personally he should get 6 months to a year and count his lucky stars that it was not my bird because he would definitely have a bullet in him had he have kille dmy parrott. Enough said.

      1. fenceamerica says:

        you would shoot a man over a parrot? Give me a break, you need help. A person with a dui doesnt even do 6 months in prison. You even go so far as to say its still his fault even if they turned the bird loose on him. Get your priorities straight, And ive had neighbors with a parrot before and believe me most people DO NOT LIKE YOUR ANIMAL. Especially when one of the sounds they decide to imitate the sound of children screaming. If you paid 1000 for a bird you should do well to keep it inside and safe.

        Lets not forget that if you turned your dog loose on someone and the dog bit them and they killed the dog it would be self defense no questions asked and you would be the one going to jail. Ive been bit by a parrot and it drew blood instantly so why is the guy being arested again? Because some limp wristed ding dong like yourself cried about the fact that their viscious animal atacked another person and paid the price for it,

      2. Truth Detector says:

        “My parrott [sic] cost well over $1000”

        Only a guy who can’t spell parrot would throw down more than a Grover Cleveland on one…

    2. Truth Detector says:

      “you can kill a bird in 2 stomps easy”

      When you do the Bristol Stomp [Dovells]

      One o’ these days these boots are gonna walk all over you [Nancy Sinatra]

    3. Lucy Olivera says:

      Do you know who much a parrot costs ” fences amErica”
      And my parrots are part of my family, they love, they cuddle, they talk to you, they go out and do things with you. All in all, they are more of a part of a family than a dog or cat. And they are worth more money as they get older

  18. Jonus says:

    Yes, you bet I would shoot an attacker of my pet at least once he may get it twice. Especially if he is on my private property hurting or killing my pet. Well my parrot does not scream number one and number two my parrot has rights too. Number three I do keep my $1000 parrot inside where it is safe from people like you or the perp that killed the other parrot. If the person was on my property without my permission my dog would eat you up with out me telling him or her to do that. You do not have the right to come on my private property to harm me or my animal no matter whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, etc. You would be the one carried out in a pine box. As I will protect my pets from people like you. The law would be on my side just as the law is in this case. He deserves everything he gets. By the way you obviously have a problem with pets of any kind which in my opinion makes you a troubled person mentally. As far as birds are concerened there are parrots that sell for over $10000 but obviously you have never been to a Parrot store and met any birds or for that matter you obviously no nothing about birds.

    1. Truth Detector says:

      “Well my parrot does not scream number one”

      Well then, what DOES he scream, pray tell.

    2. Aston S. says:

      You are an idiot. A parrot has no rights. They are wild animals. And yes, they do attack unprovoked.

      1. DVM-Bird Dr. says:

        Kind of hard to take some seriously when thy don’t know the difference between domesticated pets and wild animals.

        Furthermore Imports of large wild parrots was banned long ago which means all parrots sold today are hand raised babies. These hand raised babies are very tame and only really bite in self defense when they are provoked or are scared. This leads me to believe there is more to this story then is being reported.

  19. Whitey says:

    So you parrot killers get a special wing in the prison… no pun intended?

  20. Truth Detector says:

    There is a simple explanation for this behavior.

    The parrot resembled a large sombrero.

    David MIles was practicing the Mexican Hat Dance.

    So he missed…


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