SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protesters say they’re ready to face arrest again on the fourth day of the “Occupy Sacramento” demonstrations, but they are now calling for city leaders to rescind the curfew that makes it illegal to continue protests overnight.

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About 14 protesters were arrested after midnight following Saturday’s event, and the attendees of Sunday’s march said they were prepared to follow suit and remain at Cesar Chavez Park until police arrested them.

“These arbitrary rules that say at midnight at this park, you’re not allowed to be here, that’s ridiculous,” said protester Morgan Lesko.

The Sacramento events were inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have continued for more than three weeks in a New York City park.

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Sacramento Councilmember Angelique Ashby said city officials are open to discussing new rules that might allow protests to continue overnight, but added that the city’s budget crisis doesn’t give them the funds for a police presence at the park at all hours.

“A decision that would allow folks to stay beyond our hours is probably something we cannot afford to do at this time,” Ashby said.

The Sacramento protests have drawn hundreds of demonstrators each day. No incidents of violence have been reported.

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A total of 34 protesters had been arrested for trespassing in the park after closing since the marches began.