Viewers are upset to learn how much personal information is out there on the web… phone numbers, addresses, your age.

We call on Kurtis Ming with what you can do if you want your information removed.

An Elk Grove woman doesn’t like it and she’s even more upset because some of the information about her is wrong!

Elizabeth Moseby wants her address gone from She also says it lists relatives who aren’t hers and cities where she’s never lived.

“It’s very misleading. It’s just kind of a shock and awe factor,” says Elizabeth.

Search sites like Peoplefinders, Spokeo and Zabasearch get a lot of this information from public records.

But what if you want it gone from the web?

“Many people feel everyone should have that right,” says Joanne McNabb, Chief of the California Office of Privacy Protection.

But McNabb says you don’t under current law and sometimes you’re the reason they have that information.

“When you sign up for sweepstakes, when you answer surveys, come on warranty registration cards… generally those are really a means of way to get your information in order to be able to sell it,” says McNabb.

The three so called data brokers we mentioned do have options on their websites to get your information removed but many of them require even more personal information first, which Elizabeth doesn’t like.

“If they have my date of birth, then they’ll have more information about me,” says Elizabeth.

“We believe information is power,” says Bryce Lane, President of

Lane understands some people feel it’s an invasion of privacy but he says it’s important they know it’s you before they take down your data.

“We don’t want them in there, if they don’t want to be in there,” says Lane.

After we got involved, Peoplefinders removed Elizabeth’s address and the wrong information tied to her.

“And I want them to never put it on again,” says Elizabeth.

And there’s no telling how soon your information can pop back up.

I don’t give out my address unless it’s absolutely necessary and I often use my work address.

To get your information removed online:

Zabasearch – Send them a copy of your driver’s license but you can cross out your picture and license number.

Spokeo – Copy the URL with your info and send them an email.

Peoplefinders – Fill out their opt out form with your name, birth date, aliases and 20 year address history and mail it to their Sacramento address.

Comments (7)
  1. JJ says:

    Kurtis, I was intrigued by the story title, but the info you presented was not very helpful. So the answer is to send an agency unknown to me additional information about myself to get that info removed?! I think you should investigate how these agencies get our information and stop that at the source. All of us are supposed to be vigilant about our personal information, but how can we do that if agencies like the one you discussed can buy our information and post it without our approval?

  2. VA says:

    Amazing, provide more info to remove info. It’s time to change the Freedom of infomation act for the safety and privacy of citizens. Who is using this “ACT” for gain, hm????????????????????????

  3. EM says:

    It’s like the old protection rackets. If you don’t pay us with money or with more personal information we’re going to put out anything we want about you. True or not.

  4. Hillea says:

    Good luck of getting the your info removed. If you ever got it to removed, tens of these website just pop-up again. Unless using a psudo-name for anything you will be listed, it is public records.

  5. TMC says:

    How is buying a list of information from a company then posting it a public record? How is putting WRONG information about people on a website a public record?There needs to be some accountability. America The Beautiful says, ” Confirm thy soul in self control, thy liberty with law”. Freedom still needs responsibility and information needs to be accurate.

  6. Ms. Diva says:

    I wanna know where is the law that stops these companies from selling your information. If I sign up a sweepstakes I am in no way (knowingly) authorizing them to sell my information. That information should only be for what I used it for. I agree some information is public record but phone numbers shouldn’t be. What good is the DO NOT CALL list or having an unlisted number when any company you give your info to can turn around and sell it.

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