By Kurtis Ming

This couple in their 90’s trusted Coleman’s Upholstery to do a good job. The owner works out of his Roseville home.

So our producer showed up, asking questions. When our producer knocked on Jerry Coleman’s door, the owner of Coleman’s Upholstery wasn’t home. His wife was.

“What a shame that they have to go to this length. That’s ridiculous,” says Coleman’s wife, who didn’t want to give us her name.

“I think it’s ridiculous that it takes so long,” says Robert Good, Roseville resident.

Sitting in uncomfortable chairs for more than six months, Dr. Robert and Genevre Good, both in their nineties, paid Coleman’s Upholstery a $725 deposit to re-upholster these two chairs.

They say Jerry picked up the chairs in February, promising delivery within 3 to 4 weeks. But month after month, Robert and Gen say they heard excuse after excuse.

“We trusted him… Yeah,” says Robert.

“I think it’s a good example of the older generation being taken advantage of,” says Gen.

Outside Jerry Coleman’s home, our crew spotted a covered sofa on a pickup truck, parked outside. His wife… surprised to see us.

“You’re telling me they’ve had no contact since November. That’s a bunch of crap and we don’t run a business like that. What they’re telling you is a lie,” says Coleman’s wife.

So what’s the hold up?

“Is 10 months acceptable?” asked our producer.

“In some cases, absolutely. If it’s a fabric issue, absolutely,” says Coleman’s wife.

Our team leaves a business card and Jerry called the next day. He didn’t have an explanation but had a promise. The chairs would be done within 30 days.

Exactly 30 days later, look what arrived!

“Feels like the old chairs,” says Bob.

Cleaned and reupholstered. Jerry left an apology note, saying “There is no excuse. I made a mistake and I am sorry.”

And waived the $350 balance.

“We’re very, very happy. We have chairs to sit in. We’re just super happy to have our own chairs back,” says Gen.

While Jerry Coleman has a business license with the City of Roseville, we found out he’s not licensed with the state. The Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation plans to send out an inspector to address this.