VALLEJO (CBS13) — Volunteers are teaming up with police for an unusual tactic that could deliver a painful blow to the egos of prostitution clients.

The Vallejo Police Department could soon target suspected solicitors with warning letters to the owners of cars spotted along known prostitution zones. Volunteers plan to watch the prostitution hot spots day and night and write down license plate numbers for police.

“We run the plate, obtain the information of the registered owner, and then we send the ‘Dear John’ letter,” said Vallejo Police Lt. Lee Horton.

The exact language of the “Dear John” letters hasn’t been decided upon, but it will generally tell suspected offenders, ‘We know you were in Vallejo, we know what you were doing. Don’t do it anymore,” Horton said.

Legal questions still remain about what could happen if the wrong person gets a letter or if someone’s behavior was mistaken, but police say suspects tend to behave in obvious ways when soliciting prostitutes.

Business owners near Sonoma Boulevard say they hope the new tactic helps squash the ongoing prostitution problem in the area.

Police have also installed surveillance cameras in the area.

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  1. Yvonne Travers says:

    Don’t cops have any really important things to do besides this Bogus Bull $hit….?

    1. no ho's says:

      Yvonne Travers, You should work somewhere else, this may lower your profit margin………..

  2. What's the Big Deal??? says:

    Ahhh, the taste of Freedom.

    America, the place where you are never alone.

    Big Brother will always watch over you & protect you.

    Just be sure to smile pretty for the Cameras & Wave.

    Hey Big Brother….. I really don’t care who is desperate enough to have to pay for it. But, if they do have to pay for it, then leave the poor souls alone, they have enough problems.

    I say, just be safe and clean. Get yourselves checked regularly. And, more power to you. Have at it.

    Oh, and don’t forget the Tax Man…..

  3. brooks says:

    well just dont run them out to sacramento, run them out the san fran

  4. filip n says:

    god job ,,i done this in northighland ca,,sacramento area for long time ,at is very good thing,i will be happy to do at again ,,however im very ill and i can not do at anymore,,however , i just go by with my family and give tracks,,,and some of the prostitutes,just cry ,nowing that what they do is bad,however most of them,are just wach by the people that so to spik own them,at is sad,,however god job for all of the voluntir,,

  5. Whitey says:

    Filip… that’s the most atrocious writing I’ve ever seen. And by the way, your mom spelled it Phillip on your birth certificate.

    1. jerseycat07503 says:

      does this really sound like a real post to you? this person can spell sacramento but can’t spell watch

      1. filip n says:

        wen you are ill like me ,then we can talk more,,god bless.

    2. filip says:

      god bless you,,

  6. R. S. Andrade says:

    Sonoma Blvd? Thanx for tip.
    Party time, here I come!
    Damned Fascists!

  7. CorporateMediaIsADangerousCult says:


    Yeah. your time is running out. The only ones listening are your SEO Blackhats.

  8. Jenny says:

    Cops are #1 johns in california and probably in US. I say arrest and fine all of them.

    1. filip n says:

      many cops are,,,what a shame,,

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