Today on The Don Geronimo Show, the guys start out with another edition of “Porch Sittin’ ” For a full hour Don, Phantom, and Joe sit outside the station in the cold and just talk about anything. Numerous garbage men drive by, and that starts Don’s fascination with the profession. The guys then return to the studio and Don talks about an email he got in which he was offered a chance to get paid by doing nothing more than going to Wal-Mart stores and rating them on their service, cleanliness, products, etc. Don is pretty sure it’s a scam. We then hear about a 9 year old in Ft. Myers, FL who is facing felony charges for flipping out on her bus driver and the cops that tried to apprehend her.

After another hilarious round of “Wheel of Jay,” Don plays an educational video from 1953 entitled,”Molly Grows Up.” The guys then talk about Katie Holmes’ “nip slip” on How I Met Your Mother, and Jerry Seinfeld filling in for Regis after he retires. Don then reads an email from a listener who’s son has been diagnosed with cancer. Don, being a cancer survivor, offers advice on how to handle such a delicate situation, and tells the stories of his childhood, when he had Wilms Tumor, and how he never knew he had cancer until he was much older because his parents kept it from him.

Don then calls the school district in Ft. Myers to talk to people about the incident with the 9 year old, but after getting the runaround from everyone he speaks to, decides to check out the mother of the 9 year old’s Facebook page after Craig finds it while researching her contact info. It turns out the 9 year old has a page of her own as well! It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, phantom talks about Kim Kardashian’s interview on Australian TV, 4 Georgia men accused of making homemade chemical toxins, and the TV ratings of the past week. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!