SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A lack of baked goods had one Sacramento State professor calling it quits on his class.

“So you walked out?” CBS13’s Ben Sosenko asks Professor George Parrott.


And you won’t get an apology from Parrott. The Sac State psych professor won’t back down from his snack standoff.

“For the second week in a row, nobody brought and connected with and checked on each other to show up with the expected shared snacks,” he says.

The longtime professor has been serving up his snack policy for years. The rules are simple: twice a semester students are expected to bring in homemade goods. The purpose is to promote class teamwork.

“It actually loosened up the stress,” one of Parrott’s students says.

But some snack-less students cried foul, saying the timing of the walk-out — the class before the midterm — was tasteless.

“We’re paying to go to school and all this tuition money to try to get an education,” one student says. “I don’t think not bringing baked goods is a good enough reason to cancel.”

The administration tells us the Psychology Department will meet with Parrott to discuss the baked good brouhaha that has become food for fodder on campus. He has the support of at least some his students

“He’s trying to bring the class together into a sense we’re all one unit,” the student says.

Parrott snickers at the notion that the snacks were for him. He says he rarely eats them. He also disputes the notion that the timing was poor.

“The reality was that I actually had a full review session the day before in lecture,” he says.

In the end, Parrott says he doesn’t care what the administration thinks. He’s in the process of accepting a Fulbright grant to teach overseas next year in Poland.

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  1. Onery says:

    How stupid can people be, this is a sick society, when you can’t bring snacks or even want to participate in a simple thing like this

  2. nojoe6pak says:

    good for Prof Parrott, I have fond memories of him and his class when I was at Sac State, and now he is going to Poland, my native country . I hope he does not have these issues while teaching there:)

  3. Check please says:

    Kids today do not want to work on teams. Unless they can use the “snack app” then here come the helicopter parents with a lawsuit about snacks and how they pay good money to have little Johnny breeze through school.

  4. Brats, all of them..... Brats..... says:

    For crying out loud… It is only twice a year, and if they did not want to bake anything, they could have spent 10 minutes in the supermarket and pick something up real quick.

    Their parents obviously never taught them to share. Nor, anything about Team Spirit. Or even Team Pride, or just even, Teamwork. Just be a Team Player and participate. What harm could it do??? O.M.G., you might actually make a friend or two…

    Eh, on second thought…. Keep your nose in that book and never look up and never experience anything other than yourself.

  5. Ken says:

    People get into psychology because they are often nuts themselves. When they can’t fix themselves they try to make a living at it. This pathetic man is mad because his mandate for snacks is being ignored. He can not stand to be ignored or disobeyed. He is nuts. Good riddance.

  6. a proud parent says:

    If full-day Kindergarteners living in the inner city can bring snacks, college students should able to, twice-a-yr or a semester. They are either too LAZY or spend their Financial Aid/Loan monies on cheap booze. Wal-mart has left over Halloween snacks 75% off as low as .41 cents for bag of snack/candy. Maybe is part of Milgram experiment on obedience or some social psych group confirmity studies, who’s knows.

  7. Ola says:

    If it’s part of classwork, these students should have brought them in. The teacher should have given the students who brought in snacks an ‘A’ for the midterm.

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