DAVIS (CBS13) — They’ve seen him roaming the streets in Davis. There’s a wild turkey that’s pretty peeved — and you would be too if this happened to your posterior.

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Stabbed in the stern, but not by Cupid’s arrow. This ramming to the rear looks like a true case of foul play.

Wildlife experts say they’ve been getting countless calls over the passed two weeks of the ticked off turkey

A Department of Fish and Game biologist scoped out the skittish bird and decided it’s best to let him be.

“He’s not sitting around or distressed flapping his wings or anything like that,” Janice Mackay said.

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Not wanting to damage his derriere further any attempt to trap the tom has stopped cold turkey.

“There’s no blood dripping,” Mackay said. “The wound seems to be very clean at this point.”

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, turkeys may be tempting to people who for some reason can’t just go to the store.

But animal experts beg: back off the birds.

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People have been known to feed birds around here and that’s when they keep lingering and become a nuisance, which may be why someone shot this guy.