NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – Copper thieves shut down street lights across North Highlands in recent weeks, and residents who have been living in darkened neighborhoods for nearly two months are losing patience with city officials.

It’s the continuation of a problem CBS13’s Call Kurtis first reported in October.

Two North Highlands residents, Dorothy McEachern and Dauna Garton said their street has remained without lighting for seven weeks, and the fear that the darkened neighborhood could attract criminals is building.

“It’s scary, because you lay in bed at night and you hear things,” McEachern said. “You look out and you can’t see what’s going on out there.”

Sacramento County officials said 1,000 street lights have been affected by wire theft in recent weeks, and the county has already spent $160,000 repairing street lights this year.

Dorothy and Dauna said that doesn’t excuse the length of time they’ve remained in the dark.

“I’d like to see some lights back on,” Garton said. “This is getting ridiculous.”

Officials said they are working to weld shut the access patches on poles and prevent copper thieves from stealing the wiring in the future. It could take as long as three months for all of the affected lights to be restored.

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  1. G says:

    Treat them like the Taliban: Night vision. Snipers. Problem solved.

    1. Tyrone says:

      Agreed. If you see someone stealing copper, shoot them and walk (or run) away. Only one or two copper thieves need to be dealt with, and you’ll see a dramatic drop in copper theft.

    2. Mike says:

      It wouldn’t bother me in the least if they started taking this course of action.

    3. Edward says:

      Guess who’s stealing the copper wires? The illegal mexicans. They don’t even have street lights in the neighborhoods in Mexico where they are from, and this is one reason why, the people would just steal them. How’s that Open Border working out for you all in California???

    4. Polyanna LaTigra says:

      I agree! Come for copper, leave with lead!

  2. The Bobster says:

    How is that die-versity working for you, Sacramento?

    1. Not Socialist says:

      Don’t put up a border fence, it will get better – trust me. LOL!

      1. Not Socialist says:

        Really, it will get better, the Dem’s are now arming the Mexican Drug Runners with AK’s and other assult rifles under the Fast & the Furious program. Glad they don’t support American citizens in being armed, right California? Don’t worry, for NOW it’s just the copper in your houses. (he, he, he)

  3. Mike G says:

    How is the Socialist State of California these days?

  4. tdrag says:

    Californians!!! Arm yourselves now!!!

    1. Not Socialist says:

      But the GUN Laws!!!!! Can’t do that.

      1. Mother Superior says:

        Well, actually you can. A nice Mossberg or even an SKS would do the job.

  5. Burbank Burner says:

    The citizens shuld be getting angry, mad, hostile, at the left wing, Marxism loving morons in government. Deport all of the copper stealing thieves! Or better yet, folloow “G”‘s recommendation mentioned above.

  6. greengo says:

    The thieves are illegal aliens, this is what they do for money. Even here in rural OClorado we have the problem. If you leave your house un attended, such as evacuations during a wild fire, you come back to a house hwere the pipes and wiring have been ripped out. It is time to get ugly on these reconquista devils. They are systematically dismantling this country from the ground up.

  7. Joisey says:

    You’re never getting your street lights back. Get used to it. We are facing economic collapse within 11 months, and California is broke. The ones who will survive are getting out of the cities now, and gathering the materials to survive in a Mad Max environment.

    When the animals succeed in putting out the lights for good, scores will be settled.

    1. Ol' Baldy from Atlanta says:

      Si, senor’ – it will.

      In the meantime…. so we are ready:

      Where are your women, gringo?

      El Mega Macho’

      1. Hard Truth says:

        Ha ha ha. You can have our “gringo” women if you want a whiney, b!tchy, lard@ss, whose dream in life is to be a man, but if I were you, I’d think twice about the unhappiness she will bring you.

  8. tramky says:

    This is difficiult & very expensive for municipalities–the people are NOT supposed to be ripping out infrastructure. The social fabric in America is torn to shreds, and Americans–and these copper thieves are Americans–are attacking infrastructure by stealing copper wiring & cables associated with electric service, and copper & brass pipes & expensive devices associated with water service.

    In one incident in northern California, thieves turned off the water service to a number of occupied residences, then cut off & stole water service devices called backflow preventers. The residents were left without water service in their hoimes–no water at the sink, no bath, no shower, no toilet flushing.

  9. Charles Hansen says:

    Dorothy: You already have criminals in your neightborhood. They stole the copper!

  10. Not Socialist says:

    Hey California, nice hope & change, huh? Want more of it? Continue to vote Democrat! Oh yeah, how’s that state budget working out for ya? LOL!

  11. Peter says:

    Welcome to the new third world economy called California. The socialists have finally brought you their envisioned utopia – squalor for all. Of course the government socialists will be exempt from any hardship that will be expected of you. You get the government you deserve.

    1. Not Socialist says:

      Yes, you all will be EQUALLY poor, except for the Government Big Wigs. Got to love those BIG government programs and the expansion of the welfare state. Spread that wealth around baby! Unfortunately for you, you are running out of rich taxpayers to tax. What? They’re leaving the state? Why??? (Get a clue!)

  12. Like it dark says:

    Interesting… in my neighborhood I’d be upset if they “installed” street lights. Nothing like a pitch black, peaceful, safe neighborhood to star gaze in. Then again I live in Colorado.

    1. Mother Superior says:

      Amen.Besides we can carry concealed, and have high-capacity firearms.

  13. siylence says:

    They’re tired of the “city officials” for not getting the lights back on? How about being tired of the copper thieves who don’t care one whit about who they hurt or kill as a result of their crimes? Perhaps the neighborhood should form a militia “watch.” I know it’s a novel idea in a socialist state like California where the government is supposed to take care of everything…

  14. Bob says:

    Any state that elects Pelosi and Boxer has been in the dark for a very long time.

  15. sean patriot says:


  16. Dave says:

    Nail a few of the recycle yards that are buying this stuff. How stupid do you have to be to not know a manhole cover is stolen, for example

  17. walter12 says:

    It is leftist and semi-Marxist and Third World style California, so what do you expect? There is no doubt that with the massive invasion of illegal Mexicans, black and Mexican youth gangs, the welfare set, the hordes of dopers and deadbeats, the Marxist style state government, and volumes of street crime, that California is going down the toilet and fast.

  18. Maud St.James says:

    So we are paying taxes to support city/state/federal governments who won’t do anything effective to stop these and other thieves, yet in many places deny us the rights to own guns to protect ourselves? This is crazy!

    We need armed patrols ready to shoot to kill thieves caught in the act and protection from idiotic ‘wrongful death’ lawsuits where the relatives weep and cry, “he was such a good boy!” Good boys don’t steal, and if they hadn’t been stealing they wouldn’t be dead. The vermin will either straighten up, fly right and live a decent, law-abiding life or eventually they will be flushed out of the gene pool.

  19. MAJOR DAD says:

    The other thing is, who’s the fence for buying all this stuff? Don’t the cops even investigate to find out where the thieves are selling stolen copper/metals? If it’s a “legitimate” recycling shop, it should be investigated, shut down and the owners prosecuted. Where there’s no buyer, there’s no incentive to steal like this.

  20. GlockG20 says:

    Guess this will change some opinions on the stupid gun laws and illegals… wait, we’re talking about liberals aren’t we? In that case… you made your bed, sleep in it!


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