SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police says they made 95 arrests when Occupy protesters Wednesday stormed into a downtown San Francisco bank and shouted slogans as they tried to set up camp in the lobby.

Officer Albie Esparza says the 95 were arrested. Police earlier said they had been taken to jail, cited and released.

The arrests came after about 100 demonstrators rushed into a Bank of America branch, chanting “money for schools and education, not for banks and corporations.”

In a separate protest, about 250 demonstrators assembled in front of the State Building on Golden Gate Avenue for about 90 minutes Wednesday afternoon.

Elsewhere, students and anti-Wall Street activists settled into a new encampment at the University of California, Berkeley, and visited the state Capitol to demand the restoration of funding for higher education.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Does any mayor in the Bay area have any backbone ?
    This bunch of small minded nimrods don’t work for a living, they don’t pay taxes, they just want to sit around and throw tantrums like a bunch of 2 yearolds. Why do they get away with this nonsense? Why all the hard working people who think they are bunch of loafers have to be inconvenienced by this group send back to Berkeley and put a fence around the place and let them like the feeling of not lbeing able to enter or exit their town!

  2. Frank Rizzo says:

    Are these morons this stupid? Do they realize WITHOUT funding the banks and corporations to survive, the ‘educated’ will nave no place to find jobs once they graduate? Instead of being on unemployment, further draining our government of scarce tax payer money, go back to work, pay your tax’s, and maybe we wouldn’t be in this crisis to begin with. Or better yet, go live in a socialist government ran nation where you belong. This is America, land of opportunity, not land of entitlement. The poorest person in this country still has it better than the middle class of anyother nation. Back to work I go to help pay for your time to sit and complain about the problem! Do these Occupiers even have a solution, or are they just part of the problem.

    1. D.Hegge says:

      Maybe Mr Rizzo can explain then why the banks are withholding trilions in cash
      given them by us to save them from going under. There are businesses here that have an opportunity to expand and hire more of us but they can’t get the loans to do so? Most unemployed people would jump at the chance for a job other than flipping burgers at a fast food outlet. The same goes for the money America’s large corps. are holding off shore, money they made from American customers. Maybe Mr. Rizo can also explain to us why the banks and oil companies receive subsides and still post very huge profits, etc.

      1. Matt says:

        Why blame banks and oil companies for subsidies? Congress made them available, it would be irresponsible of them to not accept them. They are no different than farm subsidies or the many other subsidies given by the government. If you are unemployed and taking a handout from the government you should take ANY job available not be picky. Businesses have money/profits and can choose how they spend THEIR money. I don’t see a bank telling you what you should do with YOUR money, so why do you get to tell banks/businesses how their money should be spent? Work hard and you will get ahead, spend your time protesting and you fall behind. Simple as that.

      2. Occupy THIS!! says:

        I can explain D.Hegge. beside you being braindead, in order to get to the heart of the problem, you need to ask all your queations to Obuma. You know, the one who gave our tax money to the banks. He is the man, with the master plan, The one who will make us poorer than 3rd world land.



  3. lili says:

    They are not solely protesting the banks. They are protesting the illegal ways the banks make money on the backs of the people that use the banks.

    In what way is any banking/corporate representative entitled to a 27 million dollar bonus? Yearly. What could that person possibly have done to deserve it?

    Please discuss.

    1. reality says:

      He did more than you will ever do in your entire life.

    2. Matt says:

      What has been done that is illegal? Bank fees are NOT illegal. ANY person is entitled to whatever pay the company offers to pay them. Just because it is exorbitant (and I agree that it is) doesn’t make it illegal and there is no reason anyone other than bank management should have a say in an individual’s salary. Whether they deserve it or not is not relevant…it’s still legal. Too many people trying to tell others how to spend THEIR money. So far the protesters have wasted two months of their lives and accomplished NOTHING.

    3. abot says:

      If you are offered a six digit salary, and all perks on your business activities plus huge bonuses, will you decline it?

  4. Friggen Punks says:

    Excuse me??? They would not let anyone out??? If I had been there, there would have been some serious injuries…..

  5. BORING says:

    This movement is just that a movement, like in bowel. No relevance, just a bunch of dumb spoiled brainwashed college students who are being taken for a ride by the colleges they attend and unwashed anarchists with absolutely no idea of what is really going on.

  6. HRH says:

    Funny how many of these denigrating comments would probably mirror the comments of the Redcoats that fought our forefathers of this great country.

  7. Frank Rizzo says:

    Please excuse the long explanation but since someone asked to explain:

    Most people working are not working the jobs they want or are qualified for. Instead, they choose to accept something far less because it’s the best they can do. That’s what the American people do. Flipping burgers is still a better solution for everyone, than being on unemployment (longer than 3 months). There are plenty of jobs available, yet some people would rather collect a free check and be part of the problem, and ‘occupy’ then come to the reality that we all need to sacrifice temporarily to help the greater good of the economy.

    There are jobs available today that have been created strictly by government subsidies and smart investments from big banks. For example, the Solar industry and Green Energy is responsible thousands of jobs this year alone, which is fueled by government subsidies and big bank investments. Nearly every new business sector has been fueled by government subsidies, to reward companies (and customers) for taking a risk in an unknown venture in hopes of establishing a new industry. It’s part of the growth pattern of the American Economy.

    This Occupy bs is not the answer, it’s a spit in the face of the business’s and government who have created most of the tax money these folks are using to allow them to protest in the first place. Suck it up and get a job! Then you can complain! Occupy your life, not Wall Street, because your life is made of your decisions, not anyone else’s! Again please excuse the long reply, interested in your comments as well.

    1. Another American says:

      Spoken like a True American.

      This comming from someone who lost his job Monday, and got another starting Friday.


  8. swinss says:

    Maybe the occupiers should ask Obama to print out more “Stimlus” money – What a joke!

  9. david says:

    too bad they can’t be charged with violent invasion, or some form of kidnapping because they are restraining people in the bank and/or its employees. perhaps raise the fine to 5k or more. they can picket out on the sidewalk peacefully and everyone should support that but this invasion, heck no. businesses should have a right to repel such invasions with shotguns to protect their business and property just like a home owner.

  10. URFULOFIT says:

    I want to be a “one pecenter” some day, just like most of the other anti-“occupy” commenters here. If I want to BE rich someday, naturally I like to hate the protesters. At least it makes me feel connected to my elite colleagues. If I ever get to meet a rich person, we can talk about how low the socio-economic level must be for someone who protests. Disgust for the poor and the unemployed makes me FEEL like a one-percenter. That’s a start. Rush says to pull myself up by my “bootstraps”. I don’t know what bootstraps are, but I am working at my minimum-wage job and saving up to buy a house. I haven’t done the math to determine how long it will be before I can make the down payment, but just knowing I’m living the american dream feels good. Yes, acting and feeling like I’m wealthy helps with the dream. Until my bank statement numbers catch up and I make my first million, I am living the life of a wealthy person. Stopping donations to all charities, and stopping the ridiculous idea of tipping waitresses also helps the bottom line. Let THEM pull themselves up by their bootstraps like I did. There is so much work available and so much abundance of wealth that people CHOOSE to be poor and hungry. I can’t sleep at night just knowing they are staying in one of my public parks. We should consider Marshall Law.

  11. N says:

    “95% arrested”

    I wonder if the 5% that weren’t were the plants.

  12. Best Local Blogger says:

    Protesting is one thing but when you try to shut down Wall Street & when you try to shut down banks, this is stepping over the line.

    Didn’t Osama Bin Laden shut down Wall Street on 9/11?

    What is going on here with these occupy groups is what is known as Domestic Terrorism.

    Where is the Dept. of Homeland Security in all of this?

    Why is Janet Napalitano turning a blind eye to these protests?

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