>> Update: Police Defend Use Of Force

DAVIS (CBS13) – Protesters said they plan to reestablish camp in the middle of the UC Davis quad after officers in riot gear took down their tents and arrested a number of students who refused to leave.

Authorities warned demonstrators to take down their camp between the Memorial Union and Shields Library and disperse at about 3:00 p.m. Friday, and when the “Occupy UC Davis” protesters refused, police officers moved in a half hour later.

Authorities began using pepper spray on parts of the crowd shortly after 4:00 p.m. and began arresting students, but retreated after the crowd swelled in size at about 4:10 p.m.

CBS13 reporter Checkey Beckford and videojournalist Dennis Marin were hit with pepper spray during the incident.

At least 10 students were arrested.

Students had set up an encampment on the field Thursday in solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” and to protest higher tuition costs. Many of the protesters told CBS13 they planned to set up camp again and remain on the quad throughout the night.

UC Davis officials were not available to comment on what they plan to do if protesters refuse to leave.

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  1. Cas says:

    God. “Should have used the rubber bullets.” You ever been shot with one of those? It HURTS and would do absolutely nothing but worsen police image in the public eye. The fact of the matter is, officers need to do what they gotta do to protect themselves, but sometimes….they go overboard with what is “reasonable” for their safety. Then again, I can understand. They put their lives on the line everyday. I’m a cadet myself in the law program at my uni… but this? This is just…wrong. I don’t know what I;d do if I became a cop and was told I had to pepper spray a bunch of kids for “calling me names”. This is the United States, not Stalin’s Russia. People should be able to protest without fear of being attacked as long as they are not rioting in the streets.

    I don’t follow the Occupy movement much (frankly I think it is a romantic idea but too disorganized to make an impact), all I’ve heard of it is when a bunch of cops brutalize peaceful protesters. Like it or not, this movement is doing something…it is revealing just how far our “freedom” really goes. Might not be moving us forward, but it sure is making the police force and government look like fools.

  2. eli says:


    Not sure if this helps but I think MANY forms of peaceful protest have accomplished great things in this country. Would african americans have equal rights if Martin Luther King didn’t peacefully protest? I believe civil disobedient acts such as Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus can lead to a greater change. Some people on here say that the students who are ocupying schools and such aren’t getting anything done but the same might have been said way back when. The students weren’t attacking anyone but in fact were attacked and physically harmed by a institution thats purpose is to keep the peace and protect us. How can you trust a country a governemnt or even a person if they harm you as you are attempting to peacefully protest. Pepper spray, riot shields, and rubber bullets are supposed to be used against RIOTERS not protestors believe it or not their is a difference. Don’t we have a constitutional right that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment?

  3. Steve says:

    Every time the police are taped using excessive force (as here), the protesters come back with larger, more motivated crowds and they expose a few more government officials and MSM elites as incompetent, oblivious, power-hungry or bought by their corporate masters. It will continue to grow, and it must; it is a rare demonstration by the People against the near-complete fascist takeover by the corporations that own our government. Despite the ridicule, blatant lies, incompetence and obliviousness of the corporate-bought mainstream media and the oligarchy in Washington, the Occupy movement stays resolute, peaceful, and keenly aware of the crisis our country is facing and the only way it can possibly be solved (public campaign financing is the first step). While Republican Obama and his fellow Republicans (including the ones with the D’s by their name) pretend to argue in a rigged wrestling match, but have already decided to lower corporate taxes, lower top tax rates, and cripple services for the bottom 98%, the majority of the country (according to virtually any poll) resides well to the Left of both parties, and are far closer to the Occupy goals than to those of virtually any recognized political candidate. This movement is a long-needed victory for democracy and the still-hibernating ideals of the American dream.

  4. Chad Crall says:

    Sacramento Police is know for there use of force when wearing the riot gear. I went to Encina High School in the 90’s and this is the same way they attacked us. What do you expect from a bunch of rednecks from Rio Linda. Hopefully the students sue in court we did. 🙂