DAVIS (CBS13) – Protesters surrounded a UC Davis building after being locked out of a press conference about Friday’s clash between police and demonstrators, keeping the UC Davis chancellor and the campus chief of police contained within the building for hours.

In the press conference with television and print journalists shortly after 4:00 p.m. Saturday, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and Police Chief Annette Spicuzza said they would create an independent review board to analyze video and evidence from the raid on the encampment on the campus quad Friday afternoon that drew outrage and criticism after officers used pepper spray to subdue protesters who were sitting and linking arms.

>> Raw Video: Saturday Press Conference On Clash With Protesters

>> Raw Video: Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students

Katehi called the encounter a “difficult situation” and said she was surprised to see how it was handled, but added that she had warned protesters repeatedly that camping is not allowed on campus. Many protesters did leave voluntarily before the confrontation, officials said.

Specific details about the police response to the incident won’t be available until an investigation is completed, Katehi added.

Chief Spicuzza said officers became surrounded by hundreds of protesters and used the pepper spray on the sitting demonstrators to allow them to leave, but said she didn’t want to comment on specific actions until the details are independently reviewed.

Student demonstrators, who were not allowed into the press conference, gathered outside the Surge II building and began banging on doors and windows, cutting the question-and-answer section of the conference short.

The crowd swelled in size over the next couple hours, with demonstrators frequently chanting for Katehi’s resignation and urging other protesters to remain non-violent.

Just before 7:00 p.m., protesters made a human walkway out of the building and linked arms, promising to remain silent as Katehi left the building. Katehi left the building without comment and drove away from the scene without incident.

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  1. gna says:

    Pride – – – Integrity – – – Guts

  2. RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!!!! says:

    Chancellor Linda Katehi said on Saturday she is forming a task force made up of faculty, students and staff to review the events surrounding the protests a day earlier.

    Tell me that isn’t biased.. Where is a non biased person to review the incident? HEY UC DAVIS? YOUR SCHOOL SUCKS A S S, YOUR STUDENTS ARE BRAINDEAD, AND THE FACULTY IS NOTHING MORE THAN A WASTE OF SKIN.

    If everybody was being peaceful, they why did they have to have their arms interleaved? The officers REPEATED that they will use force if needed. Pepper spray is the low end of violence when it comes to using force against people who DON’T OBEY THE LAW.

    1. jennifer says:

      The students are NOT braindead, the faculty is NOT a waste of skin, and the school does NOT suck! And also, NOT ALL UC DAVIS STUDENTS WERE AT THE PROTEST. ONLY A FEW WERE. I was among the students NOT at the protest.

    2. ryan says:

      Can you explain how linking arms is in anyway assault or battery? And how sitting on a public sidewalk is against the law?

      1. Bill Monroe says:

        ryan,as you were critquing sentence structure in your post above, perhaps you should go back to school and learn a bit of grammar. The word anyway is an adverb meaning “regardless.” In the sentence you wrote above, it should be any way, with the any modifying the word way. Or to sound more proper, you might have said ” …. in any manner assault or battery?” To answer your second question, certain expressive behavior does not receive first amendment protection, as in this case, a human barricade on the sidewalk creating a public safety issue. They have every right to speak, but no right to disrupt, prevent normal thoroghfare, nor to force people to listen.

    3. Hilda says:

      Someone has obviously not seen the raw footage of the incident….Do you call forcing someone to open their mouth and inhale/eat pepper spray humane?

      1. Skallagrim says:

        And someone has very clearly seen the really shoddy video footage in which it appears that this might have happened. I was there, nobody’s mouth was forced open. Plenty of people were pepper-sprayed, but the Davis PD is not THAT depraved.

    4. Jonus says:

      So interlacing arms is against the law? Where in the Hech are you from? Russia Germany Iran China japan or all of the other countries I did not mention. Your not from America becaus e I guarantee that law does not exist and never will.

  3. sherifffruitfly says:

    Confirming white folks would NEVER put up with being treated the way cops treat black folks. Too bad these white folks will simply allow cops to continue treating black folks this way forever. Just like they have for decades.

    1. Osama Hangaminichad says:

      This is not a race issue.

  4. Fearless Bystander says:

    When the “hearings” (meaning “a chance for the administation to engage in demagogery and distance themselves from their decisions”) actually happen, I suggest the entire campus PD call in sick and let the administators try to keep the peace themselves.

  5. Skinner says:

    I would hope the probe discovers that PEPPER SPRAY was not used sooner. It says passive with arms locked. Get your ass out of the lobby and go to work or class.

  6. KG says:

    Nobody is entitled to a college education. What a bunch of whiners… Fix they K-12 sytem before funding public colleges. It is like having 3 broken cars instead of 1 that works. Wake up california!

  7. ryan says:

    you need to go back to school and learn how to properly construct a sentence.

    1. James says:


      The first word in your sentence needs to be capitalized.

  8. ryan says:

    This is what happens when you have the federal government dictating policy to local police (homeland security) we are heading down a very dangerous road.

  9. Balynda says:


    These students are protesting tuition hikes at the UC level, not the OCCUPY movement, so they can have careers.

  10. Jonus says:

    Yeah let us make the rich richer and to hell with the ones trying to get an education. Your thinking is delirously stupid and ignorant. You obviously must be a Republican as they are the only ones who have opinions that are straight for the rich. Are you one of them worthless politicians?

    1. lduke says:

      Jonus, if you are student, you are obviously not an English Major.

      1. Osama Hangaminichad says:

        Iduke, please proof read your comments before casting aspersions.

  11. someone says:

    The video on youtube of the students being silent while she walks by is powerful.

  12. vendeta says:

    The ones that are student should
    just walk away from UC Davis
    then next year when then have ALMOST NO STUDENTS !!!

  13. Craw says:

    I think the whole bunch of you are a bunch of wackooooos. Break the law and pay the price. You made your point, you don’t want to pay more money for school so pack your bags and leave and go down and join the rest of your worthless clan at occupy and make yourself feel better. IDIOTS

  14. sassafras says:

    If the police believed they were in danger from the crowd of students surroundeing them why didn’t they pepper spray the ones they feared instead of spraying the students sitting on the walk arm linked. That excuse for the spraying is really lame and unprofessional to say the least.

  15. Liberalism in America says:

    These “Students” are supposed to be there to get an education, instead they want to sit around and occupy……. Now that the taxpayers have had to pay millions for the police to deal with these Occupiers I hope they raise there tuition higher. Evidently they don’t value the education very much, keep raising the tuition, every time they protest, maybe they will get the message.

    1. Ms. says:

      There is no evidence that can support your statement “evidently they don’t value the education very much, keep raising the tuition, every time they protest, maybe they will get the message”.

      Protests have no correlation to higher tuition. Here at UCR, the majority of students DO NOT not fight for education…and guess what? Just like at Davis and all of the other UCs the TUITION continues to increase!

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