By Maria Medina

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -– The company behind the recently crowned Power Balance Pavilion has filed for bankruptcy, according to court papers.

The bankruptcy filing come after the company apparently agreed to a $57 million settlement over a class-action lawsuit that was filed in January.

The lawsuit claimed the company misled consumers to believe that the hologram-embedded bracelets and necklaces were scientifically proven to improve athletic performance.

After the lawsuit was filed, the company admitted there was no credible scientific evidence backing its claims and offered consumers refunds.

But now, is reporting a settlement worth $57.4 million has been reached with the company to compensate all who bought the bogus bands.

Despite the bankruptcy filing, the Sacramento Kings are standing by Power Balance calling them “good partners since day one.”

The statement from the Kings went on to say “They (Power Balance) have assured us of their commitment to the Sacramento Kings and the surrounding community and we expect to continue our productive partnership through this process and into the future.”

In the Chapter 11 bankruptcy papers, Power Balance claims to have assets of between $1 million and $10 million while having debts between $10 million and $50 million.

A list of creditors with the 20 largest claims against the company includes Kobe Bryant’s company, the Los Angeles Kings NHL team and the Sacramento Kings.

According to the Power Balance website, the company was started back in 2006 by brothers Troy and Josh Rodarmel and within five years had sold millions of wristbands saying they have a “roster of hundreds of top professional athletes (and growing!) and millions of satisfied customers all over the world.”

The company’s website provides a list of pro athletes called the PB Team who wear Power Balance bracelets including Dustin Pedroia, Shaquille O’Neal and Drew Brees.

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  1. ty says:

    It means we will have a nameless, unoccupied, old arena sitting in Natomas for years to come after May 2012. When the kings that to play at the Honda Center

  2. Whitey says:

    “When the kings that to play…” Nice. What language is that, Ty? I guess you were just REALLY excited to have that big voice finally heard!


  3. Plain Facts says:

    This means that Troy & Josh will open a different company, selling the same fake products and fleece millions more from the “dumb” believing general public. What really needs to happen is send these 2 to prison for 50 years and see if “those” performance enhancing wristbands help them fight off “Bubba”!!!

    1. Stewart Padasso says:

      Why blame the brothers for outsmarting the general public? Blame the general public (or all that purchased this snake oil) for being gullible fools.

      1. Nan says:

        I’ve got to agree with you, Stewart. Wasn’t it P.T. Barnam who said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”?

    2. James P says:

      50 years because our society is too uneducated? How is that their fault that a sucker wants to buy some snake oil because they didn’t do their research? If you Google Power Balance Bands or any cheap knockoff variety, you would automatically know the “science” has been in question since their release. If you impulsively buy junk without researching it first, you are a tool and don’t deserve a single cent back. Hate to sound harsh but them’s the consequences for being an idiot shopper with no common sense. Too bad Darwin was right; even worse our society won’t let it happen (survival of the fittest, natural selection).

  4. NO MORE SNAKE OIL says:

    So, the Kings are “standing by” this group of charlatans?
    This only indicates that the Kings are totally committed to the selling of snake oil.
    The city of Sacramento, led by a former basketball player, seems hell-bent to throw all fiscal responsibility down the drain in order to try and bribe the Kings! The income the city receives from the thousands of parking spaces downtown goes to the general fund, and the scheme to mortgage that income for the sake of this arena folly will eventually require tax increases to make up the difference!

  5. Marty says:

    I will never call this arena anything else but ARCO Arena. Personally, I think the Maloofs should sell the Kings to the people of Sacramento and make them publicly-owned, like the Green Bay Packers.

  6. Sally says:

    Maloof’s The kings and Kevin Johnson you are nothing but losers and I hope you go far far away who wants to see a bunch of uneducated losers run around the court for millions. My triplets at age 3 can do that and they would only ask for minimum wage. Shame on all of you I hope you rot in hell

  7. Whitey says:

    Thanks, Sally… but I’m afraid you missed class, at Harvard, the day they covered punctuation. Maybe, since your 3-year olds know what minimum wage is, you should let them handle your blogs.

    P.S. – The Maloofs, Kevin Johnson and all the Kings players, had nothing to do with Power Balance making millions selling stamped rubber to sheep like you.

  8. Dean says:

    From the beginning I thought the Kings and the Maloofs were foolish to associate themselves with this useless product. It reflects poorly on them and Sacramento. Now lets get this new arena built and get a real sponsor.

  9. Chris Davis says:

    .. Uh, does this mean that the power was mine all along? Wow, thats great news!

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