ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – It’s become a holiday tradition for some stalwart shoppers, camping outside stores to be first in line for Black Friday sales.

However, one store is making the wait a little more difficult this year by refusing to let people put up tents as they wait for the store to open its doors.

Best Buy is Roseville is telling would-be customers to take down their tents — perhaps a result of the ongoing “Occupy” demonstrations.

Shoppers who have been waiting in line say officials from the store said having tents in front of the store is a liability issue.

One man who had been first in line outside the Roseville Best Buy told CBS13 that security took his tent away while he was gone, causing him to lose his place. He is now fourth in line and angry.

So, now the holiday shoppers are sticking through the cold with space heaters, blankets, chairs and sleeping bags.

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  1. Kip Noxzema says:

    If a shopper loses 3 places in line and is angry, I would try to kick his *ss out of the store. That guy’s dangerous.

  2. The Blogger says:

    It’s just so stupid. Camp out for a good deal?

    More than likely these people are going to re sell this stuff on eBay

  3. artic slayer says:

    For months now I have been watching the ows and I see no difference than the ows of 911. It is the same mentality…. People that have should not have. AM I WRONG to think this way??? I have seen on the news reports of rape, drugs, masterbation in public, defication in public, riots, killings, and no answer to fixing what they are tring to fix… To me they are natural born (and I thing not so many natural born) terrorist bent on taking away every freedom that is America. Just as radical muslums and I emphasize radical… IF it takes a war to end a war then so be it… either political, physical, mental, or just spankin thier little social butts… something I doubt that ANY of them ever had…. A good old fashion spankin… So be it!!!

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