SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man accused of endangering his child by allowing him to remain inside a car filled with marijuana smoke denied the allegations and said he never would have allowed his son to be put into a dangerous situation.

The Sacramento Police Department said officers pulled over a vehicle carrying two adults and a child in South Sacramento on Wednesday, finding a car that was allegedly so thick with smoke that officers couldn’t immediately see the two-year-old boy in the back seat.

The child’s father, J.C. Monroe, disputed the account in a jailhouse interview with CBS13 and vehemently denied that anyone had been “hotboxing” inside the vehicle.

“My son was in the car, there was some smoke, but it was not a hotbox,” Monroe said. His friend, who has a medical marijuana card, had just taken his first puff when officers pulled them over, he added.

“Hotboxing” is a slang term that describes smoking marijuana in a small, enclosed space, allowing the smoke to remain in the air for as long as possible.

Monroe said he loves his son and his two young daughters, and although he will likely miss his youngest daughter’s first birthday, he plans to fight the charges and hopes to be home by Christmas.

Monroe was arrested on charges of child abuse and probation violation and is being held on $82,000 bond. The boy’s mother has taken custody of the child.

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  1. Jim in Saigon says:

    The man should have been arrested for DUI and reckless child endangerment. For all I know , marijuana may be a medical panacea as many claim. But its use belongs at home, not in a automobile.

  2. cheech says:

    couldve been worse, couldve been tobacco.

  3. Tim says:

    Several studies out of England this past year claimed that regular pot smokers were 50 times more likely to develop schizophrenia and smoking it just once turn ones teen years made one 4 times more likely to develop schizophrenia than someone who has never smoked pot. given how THC targets the brains receptors and slows down response time within the brain causing paranoa it certainly seems plausable. The big question is with so many drugs already developed for anxiety and pain why should pot be legalized? Everyone has heard of the “glaucoma patients” that get their medical card just to get high. Why would we want to expose our kids to this drug under the guise that it is a safe “medication”. Makes no sense to me especially given that there r so many other ways to catch a buzz. Oh, and for all you that claim that pot has never killed anyone you should really learn how to read a death certificate. Marijuana intoxication may not kill you but elevated heart rate due to panic has killed millions.

  4. Banished Jester says:

    I am sure the child was quite happy with whatever the dad was doing. In fact the marijuana probably made the child more docile and less disruptive to the driver. Now that we have the internet at our disposal we have immediate access to the research on cannabis. Any informed person knows very well that the pot smoke did no harm to the child. READ!

  5. mikey66 says:

    Tell me why, exactly, the child’s life would be in danger from inhaling pot smoke. I’m serious? Is it any worse than cigarette smoke?

    1. KidPsych says:

      The fact that you have to ask that makes me wonder just how many bong hits you’ve had today. Yes, it is potentially worse for a two-year-old than cigarette smoke because it can impact neural development. Being impaired as an adult is not great, as a toddler it could have long-term consequences. It is a wildly ignorant thing to do.

      1. Ryan says:

        Where is the journal citation for this claim? How many bong-tokes have you taken I wonder? Cannabis has not been shown to negatively impact neural development in any way. Get real, get your facts straight!

  6. mikey66 says:

    Wonder why the cops had to exaggerate though? Well….we don’t really wonder why, do we? We all know they will lie to put people behind bars, or even lie to send them to the gas chamber, right? Does anyone dispute that police have lied and people have been killed because of it? Fact. So, the guy is a nobody and the cops get a lump in their pants throwing their weight around. Smoke so thick that they couldn’t see the back seat????LOL!!!! That’s a good one. ….. Unless it’s someone with power who they are afraid of, like David Beckham or some other sissy with a lot of money.

  7. mikey66 says:

    I’ll bet the cop saw the hot dog on the dashboard, as well.

  8. Jim Dea says:

    Did you ever try to fill a car with smoke like that described? “the car was so filled with smoke, the officer at first, didn’t even see the child”. ??? When I was a kid, a buch of us TRIED as hard as we could to create just the type of situation this cop exaggerated and were disappointed at the results. We had 2 bongs and 4 joints going at once and could only seem to produce what looked like a light fog. We wanted to see if we could replicate the scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High when Jeff Spicolli stumbled out of a van that was pouring smoke from it’s interior. We failed at it and that is why I think maybe the cop SMELLED pot and in order to make an arrest, exaggerated about the smoke. Just my opinion.

  9. Hotbox professional says:

    I’ve hotboxed plenty of times. It’s impossible to get it all smoky like a Cheech and Chong movie. Trust me, I’ve tried.

    The officer is obviously lying about not being able to see a person through the smoke. It’s simply ridiculous. Too many movies for this moron.

    That being said, why smoke pot around a minor? It time to grow up!

    Now… This pot smoker is in jail on an $85,000 bond.
    Jerry Sandusky ( the Penn State child rapist) is roaming free and lives on property adjoining an elementary school.

  10. Hollister says:

    You can tell what time Drudge linked this article. Just look and see when all the racist remarks started.

  11. Quad4man says:

    LET ME GET THIS STRAGHT!!! All of you pro pot smokers are arguing there IS an acceptable amount of pot smoke in a car with a child! Will all of you please start listening to your own arguments PLEASE! There us no acceptable amount of drugs around a child period. We need to protect children at all times, not set acceptable levels of child endangerment to protect pro pot agendas.

  12. NowSwimback says:

    Gee how did I know it was going to be a Negro

  13. But vaccinating them, letting them drink fluoridated water. food with MSG, food with aspartame, HFCS with mercury residue is OK in Amerika?

    Amerikans are the dumbest most gullabe people on the planet.

  14. Classy B says:

    You know it really sickens me to read about all the negativity in this space in which we live all the racisit comments all the negative people who think that its ok to smoke drugs around children. And all the cops who pull this big exagerated stunt for more publicity !!!!wow it makes the few good cops look bad !!!!!!!!!! and to hell with all the rest of you morons,

  15. that guy. says:

    its bud… not crack damn…

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