Today, Don once again begins the show by calling Craig in to read the recap of yesterday’s show. He then talks about his visit to the Roseville Galleria Mall with Janet yesterday, and the rude clerk at Victoria’s Secret who was condescending with Janet when she asked for a gift certificate. Don calls Janet to have her tell the story. We then hear about his conversation with Billy from promotions, and the junk email he’s been receiving. Apparently Billy has been trading emails with a junk mailer from France, trying to get her to send nude pics of herself. Don reads the emails Billy’s been exchanging on the air, and gives Billy a call as well. Apparently former Syracuse coach Bernie Fine’s wife was banging the players, and the guys weigh in with their takes, even wondering how much Syracuse alum and Sacramento King Donte Greene knew, if anything. After discussing Barbara Walters’ lame “Most Fascinating People” list, it’s time to do a little “Porch Sittin’.” Today, Dave from Dave’s Christmas Trees stops by to drop off sixteen fake Christmas trees while the guys sit outside and talk about Little Joe showering with his son.

We then get a visit from Sacramento Kings head coach Paul Westphal. Coach Westphal talks about getting his team ready for the upcoming season, and what it’s like to hang out with the Petrie’s. After the interview, Don reads a sex survey from the U.K. version of Cosmopolitan, noting that the U.K. version is definitely more guy friendly than its American counterpart. Comedian Jeffery Ross stops by as well, and Don talks to him about the passing of Patrice O’Neal, doing the Comedy Central roasts, and comedians who helped him along on his way up.

After hearing a series of clips, including a montage of President Obama saying “it’s great to be here” in different cities, and Jon Stewart spoofing Brian Williams’ fire alarm incident on The Daily Show, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Obama’s re election campaign, the best/worst vehicles of the past year, and the new Beatles iPad app being released today. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!