WATERFORD (CBS13) – Surveillance video has not been able to offer additional clues into who dumped a baby in garbage can in Waterford last week.

Detectives searched through 10 hours of surveillance tape looking for clues into who dumped a baby in a trash can at “Bait and Barn” gas station last Thursday night, but they say the camera angle and volume of vehicles prevented them from getting a good look.

The baby’s age and gender have still not been released by authorities.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said a man was searching for aluminum cans in a small garbage can next to the gas pumps when he found an unresponsive baby wrapped in a blanket at 9:22 p.m.

When fire department responders arrived at the scene, the baby was pronounced dead.

The baby’s age, gender and identity have still not been released.

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  1. CJohnson22 says:

    there is absolutly no excuse for that what so ever !!! i dont care how old this girl or women is !! my gawd what the hell runs through these girls minds to even think of such a thought as to throw away your baby in a dumpster.with all the resources out there these days, there is no reason we should ever read about such a horrible thing as this in the paper ever !! i hope this person is caught and given life for this.and it should be automatic sterilization for her as well-just saying

    1. DJohnson46 says:

      I’m with you, CJohnson22, no excuse at all, especially when you can take a baby and surrender it at any fire station or emergency room

  2. gna says:

    It is just very difficult to think there are people so heartless

  3. Terry says:

    Whats the difference red, white, back, yellow doesn’t matter there’s no excuse for this find the dirt bag and throw the book at them

  4. Jason says:

    Inhumane Selfish and evil Beings. I wont even call them people Jail is to good for them. a trash can omg. where do things like them come from and who raised them evil among us

  5. Terry says:

    amen Michelle

  6. iamdan says:

    Hey, This is in California. They just consiuder this a Late Term Abortion.

  7. bumpkin says:

    I recognize that I am directly accountable only to GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy spirit, in all my decisions, doings, and dealings, and will be held completely accountable for every one of these choices either in this life, or after I move into the next realm. I recognize also that I am fully responsible for those I agreed to help provide for here, while in the Pre-life, before I gained my body. I understand completely that every choice I make, every behavior I display, and every attitude I wear is not only on display for every human being to see, but to model, and I am responsible for their behavior, thus, as well as my own. I am a part of the whole, yet I am sinularly responsible for everything that comes from me as well as responsible for how it influences others. Therefore, let me be a light unto the world, and an example to every human being in how to create a Heaven on Earth.

  8. mindurownbusiness says:

    You people are being way too quick to judge.

  9. ralinda says:

    there are no words to even discribe the person who would do this if they are not found . they will definitly have a higher authority to answer to.

  10. sassafras says:

    The babe was in a blanket, the mom could be a teenage girl who gave birth to a still born baby in the rest room and did not know what to do with it and did not want to tell anyone, kids do not reason like adults. She could have been in shock. If on the other hand a live baby was tossed away like trash then it should be prison for the female.

  11. onlygodcanjudgeme says:

    Too quick to judge? I dont think so, that child didnt not ask to be brought into this world, there is other options than dumping an innocent being in a trash can left for dead. My heart goes out to the child.

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