PENRYN (CBS13) — “Very disgusting” and “very disturbing” were some of the terms used by Penryn residents after learning the news that a severely mentally disabled and blind woman living in that rural Placer County community is pregnant.

The woman is reportedly 34 years old and about six months pregnant.

CBS13 confirmed that the woman is living at the Casa del Mar care facility on Butler Road. It’s operated by ResCare California, which runs four care facilities in Penryn.

“I’m shocked,” said Penryn store clerk Porkhun Chheu. “This a really nice community. There shouldn’t be anything like that happening around here.”

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by ResCare and is handling the investigation, according to ResCare regional director Jackie Smith in an email response to CBS13. The state Department of Public Health is also investigating the facility.

“We did become aware of a situation that led us to contact the Placer County Sheriff’s Office,” Smith said in the email. “We have and are fully cooperating with their department in an ongoing investigation.”

A woman contacted at the facility declined comment, and the sheriff’s department isn’t releasing any information either.

Most people in town told CBS13 they didn’t even know the home where the woman lives existed.

Still, people aren’t happy that this woman seems to have been mistreated while she was supposed to be cared for.
“It’s upsetting that would happen to anybody anywhere,” Penryn resident Jean Decker. “That’s not a good thing.”

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  1. JMHO55 says:

    Do DNA testing when possible and then test everyone on staff. This behavior is disgusting and the culprit needs to be discovered and punished.

  2. gna says:

    Find the “Big Stud” and begin electroshock therapy….along with sterilization. .

  3. sassy says:

    Everyone? Probably only need to test the males.

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