SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An investigation is now under way to find out how medicine intended only for animals ended up being sold for humans at a local flea market.

Police officers told CBS13 Monday that they uncovered a vendor at the Folsom Boulevard Flea Market selling medication illegally.

Some of those drugs are antibiotics marketed for people, but police found out those drugs were made for a different species. They say what was being sold were antibiotics for cows.

“It would be very risky just in general,” said large animal veterinarian Dr. Langdon Fielding, who says humans and animal medication shouldn’t mix.

“Some can actually be perfectly OK in one species and in another species be toxic or lethal,” he said.

There was no indication anyone fell ill from taking the cow drugs, and in fact cops say they confiscated the medications from the vendor. They have not made any arrests while they investigate.

So while no arrests have been made, cops say they are continuing that investigation and say it’s a good reminder never to take medicine not prescribed to you.

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  1. Hank A. says:

    NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE ???? WTH ???????? The person or persons at that table should have been taken to jail right then !!!!!

    1. Two Tacos... says:

      Probably an illegal Roach selling these things. Remember…It’s Okay for them to Break laws, Because Americans are Yellow, When it comes to sticking up for this Country!

  2. freefreddie says:

    how about arresting the sellers of stolen auto sound systems. Where can you obtain car parts to resale ? Try to buy a system at a wrecking yard for resale , you pay more than you can sell it for , yet people rent a space and sell this stuff openly .

  3. mbee!1 says:

    folks, you realize most of this story is a lie. Cow drugs are the story puts it are the same drugs they use on humans, they just sell the cow labeled drugs for 10 cents a pill and the human labeled drugs for 10 dollars a pill even though both came off the same line probably at the same time. the drug monopoly people are just jacking you up because they have bought the government.

  4. mbee says:

    These drugs are the same for cows or humans. What these liars are neglecting to mention is they have bought the government by campaign bribes so they can rip you off. The drugs are the same, made on the same line, packaged in different bottles and sold for 10 cents for cows and 10 dollars for humans.

  5. URFULOFIT says:

    I used to give my cow the “morning after” pill….just to be safe. That’s almost the same thing.

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