By Tony Lopez

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — If you’ve pulled the trigger on a new firearm this holiday season, join the club.

As in your neighborhood shooting club, because faster than a speeding bullet, guns are going out the door.

Well, not right away, of course — there is that 10-day waiting period, 11 here at TDS Guns in Rocklin, where Bob Norgard wasn’t caught off-guard.

He’s making his purchase today so he’ll have his firearm under the Christmas tree as he joins a growing number of people who say they’re simply “doing what they need to do to protect themselves and their family.”

This surge in gun sales — the best holiday sales season in three years, according to the Firearms Dealers Association — got a shot in the arm on Black Friday.

“Black Friday sales were off the charts this year,” a TDS employee said.

FBI stats show the number of background checks done on Black Friday three years ago pales in comparison to the number done this year — a 32-percent jump.

“People are just coming in to protect themselves,” the employee said. “I think there’s just a lot of things going on in the world that are getting people thinking.”

More women are buying guns than ever before as criminals get more desperate.

Like break-ins while people are at home sleeping. It’s happened twice in a few weeks in a Rocklin neighborhood.

TDS Guns says at least three women from the area have come in to buy a gun because as one victim told CBS13: “I’m gonna be ready for the next time.”

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  1. StopwastingmymoneyJerryBrown says:

    Based on many of the liberal comments I have seen, you can certaily see how well the California School system is working. From my experience, seven out of ten job applicants I interview cannot read, write, or string a coherent thought together. And you wonder why we are upset over wasted taxes…

    1. Moderate Joe says:

      Well said. I found that to be the case as well during my time as a human resource manager

  2. Jasonn says:

    Looks like Barack is going to get “Gun Salesman of the Year” to go with his Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. Rich says:

    Reel men no how to spel.

  4. Moderate Joe says:

    0BaMa and his thugs tried to run one around the back door and ambush the 2nd amendment by creating a crisis… But he got f#@ked by their foolishness.

    Hey there anti gun nuts and 0BaMa supporters ,,i,,

    0BaMa – 0
    2nd Amendment – 1

  5. Fred says:

    According to Robert Heinlein, noted author, “An armed society is a polite society”. I’m all for being polite…

  6. Mike Kerwood says:

    As a “Former Law Enforcement Range Officer” the number one priority for a “Bullet proof vest,is to be able to stop the cartridge,the officers are issued. 25-40 % of Officers shot ,are shot with their weapon or their partners weapon.
    I was asked to join the small town Police Deptartment,due to shooting “Combat Matches” 3 of 4 week-Ends per month,and developed tactics that kept honest folks alive,including Police Officers. In 13 months I investigated 4 murders,in town of 2,000 population.Only one was killed by a weapon,and he was beat to death by it,as it was used a “Club”. Other weapons used were Large Rocks,knives and any other instrument close by that could be used to end a persons life. Gun laws only infringe upon those who obey the law. If someone is willing to commit murder,do you think a “Gun Law” is going to stop them? Like Drug laws & Drunk driving laws ? Police are “Re-Active” to crime,not pro-Active to stop it.Most Police officers are satisfied with present gun Laws,not the time served by the criminal,after their sentance is cut 1/3rd for work time & 1/3 rd time for “Good Behavior”. They only servre 1/3rd of a 20 year,to Life” sentance,which is less than 8 years. Most violent crimes are committed by previously convicted criminals, 66% to 80% according to demographics

  7. DET says:

    Rode Eyland Redd, do you really believe that cops never shoot themselves in the “dainty little feet,” either? If so, Google “Lee Paige”.

  8. moderatesense says:

    Shouldn’t the story heading refer to Christmas Season. Liberal CBS can’t destroy the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas and Have A Happy New Year.

  9. Pro 2 Amendment says:

    I hope this also means that we’ll have more NRA members too. Everystate has at least 1 Pro-2-A Org,please join/get invovled. Over 100 million gun owners, but only 4 mill are members. Something is wrong. Thank you for reading

  10. Toecutter says:

    Is it any wonder guns are flying out the door when Congress and Senate pass legislation like S1867 that declares America as the battlefield. and Illinois and Louisiana call for troops on the street and activate the FEMA camps and send agents to get the client list of stores that sell storeable foods. You have to be blind if you dont see whats coming. Just as they have planned. Naw this is America it cant happen here.

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