MODESTO (CBS13) — Comments he made during a cell phone conversation landed a hospital patient in jail on Wednesday after Modesto police say the man threatened to “go Columbine” on hospital employees.

The patient, 36-year-old William Kidd, doesn’t have a criminal record, according to police, but he’s locked up now after being accused of threatening to kill Kaiser employees during a visit to the hospital on Dale Road in Modesto.

Upset about medical insurance coverage, Kidd yelled out threats while on the phone with a friend in the third floor waiting room, according to police.

“He made threats he was going to kill the employees here,” said Lt. Rick Armendariz of the Modesto Police Department. “He made comments he was going to commit a quote ‘Columbine’ and he inferred he was in possession of a handgun.”

Columbine is the high school never Denver where two student gunmen killed 12 other students and a teacher in 1999 before taking their own lives.

Afraid Kidd was armed and ready to go on a shooting rampage, a Kaiser employee called hospital security, who kept Kidd away from other patients until police arrived. Officers swarmed the hospital and quickly cuffed kidd.

“It was unfortunate that his frustration rose to the level,” Armendariz said.

Even though Kidd is accused of saying he was armed, police did not find a gun. Investigators say the hospital acted appropriately.

“Once you start making threats and make comments of being in possession of a handgun or making threats of killing employees, that’s where it goes beyond being frustrated,” Armendariz said.

Kidd faces a felony charge and bail was set at $50,000.

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  1. gna says:

    In this day and age that’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater…..your mouth definitely overloaded your A__ __ ..

  2. plato_plubius says:

    Hey! We’ve all been there! Have you waited in their pharmacy lines? and it never fails…you go to the hospital pharmacy and the medical office pharmacy has your rx instead….BTW Getting you rx through the mail is so much easier!! I suppose the problem reaction solution theory works here doesn’t it? That way Kaiser will fire all the extra help and save EVEN more money than it already does by it’s “health care” being rationed.

    1. Dan says:

      Yep plato plubius, I haven’t but have friends who have and you can get someone elses x-rays and the wrong prescriptions to boot AFTER waiting in line, also had a relative who almost had surgery on the WRONG KNEE he got off the operateing table, cussed out all the docs, nurses and others and walked out in a gown, this was the nicest, even tempered man we have ever known and he was furious while under the influence of the tranquilizsers ready for horrible surgery on the wrong leg..

  3. Elliott the Cat says:

    Maybe he was going to plant the Colorado State Flower up in here ?

    Give me a break, this looser got hot headed and now Home Land Security is sitting in a van outside his house.

    Cops must have nothing to do, go patrol a school or stop people from selling drugs in the parking lot of Raley’s on Mac road !

  4. SlowdayforPD says:

    WOW talk about over reaction! Just tackle mr loudmouth, cuff him, a few jolts of tazer and job well done! Move along nothing to see here thats for sure…

  5. Wills best friend Garrett says:

    this is b.s ive known Will for about 16yrs & i might not know the facts but i do think the news & people that were involved are exagerating the truth. Will has been suffering from a lot of medical problems one of them is a severe case of diabetes that has started to take his vision, organ failure, and loss of toes. all in all when people are going through a lot and then get denied the only treatment that could save their vision or organs etc. they tend to get upset. especially when they have the insurance and still get denied. he was upset and called a friend to vent. SERIOUSLY, HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THAT? EVERYONE HAS! maybe not as extreme but he doesn’t deserve to go to jail especially for a felony. for people that do not know him he is the type of guy that if you needed help he would be the first one there and the last to leave regardless if he knew you or not. he is very loved individual by many and we are all behind him on this.

    1. S. Corbin says:

      I too am backing up Will and Garrett I am like wills little sister and the news and cops and the Stupid Kiaser lady blew things way out of line and this is what happens to innocent people to cover up their own butts so they don’t get sued, its funny how Will’s “friend” was my brother and arresting him and putting him in the cop car and searching his car was ridiculous when they couldn’t even tell him what he did wrong. People are gonna watch the so called news but frankly its only gossip and drama because for it to be news it needs to be factual and truth when this is added info to make the story more exciting for people to read and talk about. PATHETIC!!!

  6. Jennifer Martinez says:

    Hello everyone, Im not here to say what Will said was brilliant, but for crying out loud, how would you feel if you were being charged for a felony if you were venting to friend??? If someone were to say ” does it take me to be a immigrant to get attention? or say bomb on a plane to get attention?” will that person be deported or go to jail as well? I didnt think so, Will is losing his short life lived and the insurance is denying him for the fourth time on the only treatment that will help him. HE IS A U.S. CITIZEN. he pays taxes, he was born here, so why cant this man get the treatment he needs? Yes I know Will and yes I stand by him and believe these charges need to washed off his hands, as they say he has no prior record. This man grew up in a family that taught there is no racism, there is no prejudiceness, there is always open doors and a shoulder to lean on. So why is it that this man has lived by this, but when he is at his absolute rock bottom, he has no one?? Its sad that our economy seems to be focused on immigrants rather than the low income, hard working, tax paying U.S. CITIZENS that really need it. I hope that these charges are taking off of his record, and that the news gets their story straight. There is always 2 sides to a story and the one they have is half true. Him being in jail, is the last thing he needs. I am asking you to help this young man who is in desperate need of treatment in any means possible, I cant bear to lose a close friend because of our economy. yeah it sucks losing a home, a job, materialistic items. But how can you replace a human life?… you cant. All prayers and thoughts are welcome and thank you for the time. For those of you who dont know or dont understand, or those who leave rude comments, I hope you will eventually understand, but I hope you never have to go through something like this. God bless much love! ❤

  7. sassafras says:

    Unbelieveable, a man can threaten to kill his wife and kids etc..but the police will not do anything at all, they say we cannot touch him unless he actually harms someone. He probably was so upset by his serious illness and inept treatment at Kaisers that he was just mad at the world and we have alll been there at one time or another.

  8. Tilly says:

    We could’ve done with that isighnt early on.

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