Getting double-charged was the last thing Bia Saruwatari expected when she swiped her debit card at Roseville’s Louis Vuitton store for a purse that cost $1,950 before tax.

“We’re not rich,” she said, explaining how frustrating it was to be out more than $4,000. “We just want to have something nice once in a while.”

Louis Vuitton customer service, however, refused to correct the double charge, according to Bia and her son John.

The store would not reverse the double charge unless Bia made the 60-mile drive from Suisun City back to its Roseville location, they said.

“That’s not the way you treat customers,” Bia said.

Frustrated about the customer service, the Saruwataris made the trip and tried to return the purse altogether, since it was well within the 14-day return policy.

The store’s manager reversed the double charge but refused to take the bag back because of a small scuff mark on the handle.

“It seemed like she already had her mind made up that she wasn’t going to return the bag,” John said.

The bag had been a display model, and she had barely taken it out of the box, she said.

“In this case, it was being returned in the condition it was purchased at,” John said.

Elk Grove viewer Pamela Campbell complained of a similar issue in 2009, saying the store wouldn’t accept for return an $1,100 bag because it showed signs of wear.

“You have to recognize that it’s somebody standing there that’s going to make these determinations,” said Gary Almond, president of the Better Business Bureau of Northeastern California. “It’s [the store’s] opinion that’s going to carry.”

He said the BBB had received similar complaints in the past two years.

“We do not take back items that show signs of use,” said Tara Hannert of Louis Vuitton North America. “The bag in question was brought back to the store by the owner, showed clear evidence of use.”

Louis Vuitton said Bia’s bag was not a display model, and they had no comment on the other complaints submitted to them.

“It’s not fair at all,” Bia said.

The Saruwataris said they aren’t done with their fight, and they plan to sue Louis Vuitton in small-claims court.

“The only thing we want is for Louis Vuitton to refund my mom’s money,” John said.

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  1. Catherine Beckman says:

    I saw the report about LV acting persnickity about the little knick on the handle. Let’s assume the purchaser thought it was a display bag but the retail police are adamant that it was new. Either way, my question is this………IF this bag gets a little knick coming right out of the package or worse like sometime before the 14 day return policiy. that just doesn’t speak on the quality of their products now does it. I have pretty cool $20-40 purses that get thrown down, stepped on, tripped on and slept on and they look as good as the day I bought somewhere else. I guess if you need a job, ask LV if he needs to yahoos blaming customers and perhaps firgure out why their purses can’t hold u to the cheaper oned. It’s a purse popele…………a glorified junk bab.

  2. Check the seams and compare! says:

    That purse will last no longer than a 20 dollar purse. I have been a seamstress for over 35 years. I have been to that store and investigated their workmanship. Let me tell you folks, any YAHOO could make one that lasts as long as these do! Save your money!
    You could buy a heck of a lot more with it!
    If you really want high quality for that high price, PLEASE go elsewhere!
    You are paying that name brand to rip you off!

  3. Sally says:

    They are the ugliest cheapest looking pursesBuy Coach purses they are sturdy wash well and their customer service is fantastic unlike Louie whatever

  4. Mina says:

    Poor customer service and substandard purse!! So why are they charging too much???? This just doesnt make sense. I think Costco provides way better customer service than Loius Vuitton!!!

    1. serves them right says:

      Makes perfect sense. Take a look at general society. THEY are paying for the damn things!
      If there are customers, there is business. People are idiots. They pay to be mistreated and then complain,.

  5. Liza says:

    Bad service by employee of Louie Vuitton bag most especially the manager of the store doesn’t know how to treat the customer properly! I came from overseas to look at the famous store in Sacramento and this is not the way to treat customer considering the bags quality very poor, easily scratch and never been used. I hope everyone who wants to buy Louie Vuitton bag should think first if money was well spend.

  6. Maria Theresa yalong says:

    I got so frustrated to hear news like this! I already have 2 purses one I bought from Greenbelt Louie Vuitton Philippines and the one in Sacramento, I think it is where Ms. Bia got her bag too, it’s no joke to buy such expensive bag, customers should be treated well, let them have the feeling of being special , if they think their product is special too! So sad, I think their policy is profit first before customers! Sorry to say my last LV purse will be Berkeley Damier, the one I got from Roseville Mall Sacramento, thank you Ms. Bia for fighting your right as customer, I’ll do the same if I am in your shoes, people should know this things so that they will have a second thought to even consider buying LV purses!

  7. cassidy says:

    I just would like to say as a collector of louis vuttion that they have always treated me with the upmost of respect. I have alot of there show pieces and hundreds of pairs of there shoes and clothes and there luggage,and also regular purses too, never once have I had an issue with there customer service or the quality, They have some of the finest craftsman and seamstress in Paris. As for getting somthing from coach they use to be wonderful until they started having there purses made in china you would be better of buying a purse from the dollar store because that would be the same thing, the dollar store purse would most likely last longer then Coach. I feel If you cant afford a Louie dont buy one. I really get tired of people Taking things they cant afford for a test drive and then crying about it when they cant return it.And then the kicker is they always want to make it a lawsuit. And Louie always gives you a new purse from the back or they order it in for you if it is not in stock and if it happens to be the last one which is not the case with that bag because they make that bag all the time. they will say and let you know that this is a display and go over the bag with you and make sure you want that bag and that there is no flaws with it.Like I said if you cant afford the big kid toys dont buy them break them and try to return them its people like this that make me sick they destroy things and realize they needed the money for bills and then feel its the stores fault they used a bag and did’nt read what they signed.

  8. Shooter jenkins says:

    who gives a rats ass about a bunch of dried up women who flaunt their money. Hello its all just “stuff” when you die, you cant take that “stuff” with you. How about donating some of that money to the homeless shelter so that someone deserving can eat.

    1. DLovely says:

      Amen to that!!!!!!!!

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