SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department has ordered some 150 homeless campers along the American River levee to back up and move on.

The homeless camp is located on the south side of the American River next to the levee and American River Bike Trail between the end of 10th and the 12th Street bridge. Most of the campers were complying peacefully with police, although one man refused to leave and was arrested.

Police, who had warned the campers weeks ago that they couldn’t stay there, arrived early Wednesday morning to supervise the eviction and help the homeless campers to pack up their belongs.

Members of the camp say they’re in the same situation they were in more than two years ago when Tent City drew national media attention. They say they have no other place to go and no answers from the city on what they’re expected to do.

However, police say they’ve given the campers plenty of warning and information on shelters and other services. Eighty beds were made available to the campers and more could be made available if needed, a homeless advocate told CBS13..

“I think it’s messed up they making us leave a couple days after Christmas,” one camper told CBS13 on Wednesday morning.

Although the campers were complying with the order to move out, they’ll likely just move down the river and set up camp somewhere else.

Comments (20)
  1. Kathy says:

    People need to exist somewhere.

    1. Debbie McLelland says:

      I don’t have the statistics but I am sure that some that are living there are drug or alcohol addicted. They most likely can’t get a job and really don’t want one. I think it is a shame that we send all this money across the world while we ignore our neighbors across the street. Many years ago these people would be put into institutions at least they had a warm place to sleep and three meals a day. You never saw homeless women and children.

      1. really says:

        “Many years ago these people would be put into institutions”
        Reagan kicked the mentally ill out in ’80; another “Passionate Conservative” attack against American citizens.

  2. Wesley Bates says:

    Instead of this country sending money abroad to other Countrys in attempt to but their friendship, we should use the money here on our home front to take care of our own people. Cause, stone cold sez soooo.

  3. Tim says:

    To bad they weren’t illegal Latinos. They would have housing Suv’s, cash, Medical and Dental ETC!!

    1. Justin says:

      You are right, the illegals were working and have places to stay. These were only white trash druggies who won’t do the work the illegals are doing.

    2. . says:

      Justin must be getting it in the butt, By Jose.

    3. Pig Wilson says:

      @ Tim, shut ur hoe its the Repubic-rap that causes this problem. Why don’t u vote them out …

  4. Da says:

    So what are the legal ramifications, a couple warm nights in the county jail? Kathy said it best, people need to exist somewhere. A couple years back I was doing community service tearing down some of these camps and we found a frozen dead body, by no means are these people living in luxury they are just trying to make it threw to the next day.

  5. gna says:

    go ahead and arrest,, I am sure the jail house is warmer than the levee..

  6. Unknown says:

    The thing about shelters is, they only last for 3-4 days, then they are told to leave, and some of the homeless people don’t have enough mental capacity to hold down a solid job.
    I do know that most of em if not all of em want a job, but it is up to the employers to hire whoever they want to hire, and even then, it takes 2 weeks to get a paycheck.
    #2 homeless people don’t have anywhere to go. You can’t just expect for them to disappear.

  7. O.C. says:

    Next stop. Pepper Spray Falls. All aboard.

  8. really says:

    The SPD must have received new riot gear; they be itching to try the new toys on the local folks.

    1. hrh says:

      I believe that you must be a moron. I am not a cop.

  9. PC says:

    As a social worker in California, issues like homelessness rank high in importance. To help this situation, individuals can take coats, food, and offer any services that are available in their immediate neighborhoods such as services from local churches. One can even volunteer at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. I agree that sending so much money out of our own country to others is difficult to accept when we have a growing homeless population and rising unemployment. Consider growing you own food, sharing it, offering utilitarian things taking up space in closets and garages and becoming more community active on an individual and family basis.

  10. herecomes2012 says:

    You cannot get a job without having an address or transportation, you have to be abe to taKE A SHOWER EVERY DAY AND WASH YOUR CLOTHES AND SHAVE ETC OPPS did not mean to shout. Where are those advacates for the homeless for crying out loud, get rid of the costly HIGH sPEED RAIL AUTHORITY AND SET UP A DECENT HOMELESS CAMP WITH THE MONEY INSTEAD oh geez I need a new key board but I would rather by groceries and eat.

    1. elliott the Cat says:

      There’s no jobs for anybody even with a car and house !

      Arena , but no Job

  11. hrh says:

    There are those that are veterans damaged and have no recourse, there the aged out foster kids without decent families, there are the mentally ill with no options or the understanding to use those options, then there are the lazy hangers on that choose the lifestyle of no limits as their choices. I choose to support the first three and to hell with the last.
    Reagan was the cause of much of this and no one wants to remember that.

    1. rmcsticks says:

      I agree, the lazy ones can just move on, I feel bad for the ones that dont have a choice but the ones that just do drugs and drink I dont have time for….

      1. elliott the Cat says:

        Doing drugs and drinking maybe the only thing these people have to look forward to.

        They don’t have warm meals , hugs & kisses !

        Life comes full circle to be carful of your views !

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