STOCKTON (CBS13) – A family who lost a beloved relative in a deadly DUI crash is hoping to reward designated drivers at bars and restaurants in the Stockton area.

Mia Douglass said she launched the campaign “Dominic’s Designated Driver” after her brother, Dominic Deiro, was fatally injured in a crash last month.

“We wanted to turn something positive out of such a tragic situation,” Mia said.

Dominic was riding in an SUV with his younger brother and three friends when the driver lost control of the vehicle, slammed into a pole and flipped over. Dominic was taken off life support the next day.

Mia has contacted more than two dozen Stockton area hot spots to ask them to reward designated drivers who wear the campaign’s orange-colored wristbands with free cover, free non-alcoholic beverages and food.

Some businesses have responded favorably. Kevin Hernandez, the owner of Ave on the Mile, said Dominic was a frequent customer and supports the designated driver idea.

“I think the bracelets are great,” Hernandez said. “It’s a reminder, a tangible reminder of what’s going on and to look twice before making a judgement.”

Mia said the family plans on donating bracelets to participating bars and hopes the movement will gain popularity and save lives.