DAVIS (CBS13) – He may not be the Nutty Professor, but he does hold an interesting contest every year.

Arthur Shapiro is a professor at UC Davis who collects and studies butterflies and climate change. He was offering a pitcher of beer to anyone who caught the first local cabbage white butterfly in 2012.

It turns out that Shapiro caught the first one Sunday morning in West Sacramento. He says there’s a reason he offers the free beer.

“Inviting the general public to compete with me to get the first one. And if i started losing it would indicate I’m not working hard enough,” said Shapiro.

Shapiro has sponsored his butterfly contest since 1972 and has only lost four times.

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  1. SadSackSally says:

    he definitely looks like he hangs around cabbage patches at night…

  2. jackie says:

    Just going about his once a year bees ness. What a job collecting butterflies, sigh and studying climate change. I wish someone would find out where all the Robins have gone and why they left the area, we used to see them every where but for years now we do not see them anywhere.

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