MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS) – A Northern California woman has been arrested after police say she bit two kids in the children’s section of a bookstore.

Polly Beltramo, 46, of Palo Alto, is accused of biting a 2-year-old girl and a baby boy on the cheek at BookBuyers in Mountain View on Thursday, police said.

The incident began when Beltramo allegedly bit the girl, whose mother was in the children’s section of the store, witnesses said.

Bookstore owner Rammurti Reed said he heard the girl screaming and saw a red welt on her cheek.

“Suddenly a little boy, who was just a couple of months old, started screaming,” Reed explained. “I went to him and his cheek was bleeding.”

Beltramo allegedly fled the store and was later found at a nearby coffee shop, police said.

Beltramo has been arrested on felony child abuse, police said.

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  1. FLOP says:

    Soooooooo???? How were they???

    1. Polly says:

      a bit gamey…

  2. Whitey says:

    How come nobody told me a bookstore is the ideal place to leave your children unsupervised?

  3. Darin says:

    This is what happens when someone has seen too many vampire chick-flicks

  4. Cal says:

    I told you Zombies were real!

  5. ernestina says:

    Where the hell where the parents WOW amazing they should be taken to court as well for leaving the children un attended…would not let anyone get close to my kids.

  6. hey next time... says:

    A 2 yr old and the other a couple of months old…..How were the parents now with them???
    Parents should be charged for neglect as well! Or plain stupidity for letting any stranger attempt to ‘kiss’, touch etc.,… their children!
    What a whacko but job!

  7. getridofviolence says:

    The two year old and baby were with their moms whats the matter with youse? This was a fast child biting insane nut case, ” everyone” turns their backs for minutes at a time while shopping with kids you don’t even imagine that ANYONE in the store will stop, bite the kids and take off, all the violent garbage that kids are exposed to everyday and eve on TV and at the movies is taking its toll, you are what you see and hear ALL this violent trash should be banned for the good of americas youth and so it will not give troubled persons horrible ideas.

    1. TXAlexxxis says:

      “youse”?? Not sure how to respond to that, but I cannot imagine that you think it is okay that these children were unsupervised. This is perfect example of why they SHOULD always be supervised in a public place. There are wack-a-doos everywhere and just when you least expect it, one pops up and bites your kid!! This weirdo was able to get close to and assault these children! The parents are lucky that the kids weren’t kidnapped instead!

  8. anonymous says:

    someone bites my kids they better be ready to get their teeth kicked in.

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