SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local mom was arrested on criminal charges after police say she left her two young children out in the cold as she apparently ate a warm meal in a warm place.

Those children, just 4-years-old and 10-years-old, were rescued thanks to a 9-1-1 call from a stranger. We spoke to the man tonight.

“It was hard for me to sleep last night, because I was tossing and turning thinking about the kids,” said David Hernandez.

David can’t get out of his head.

“As a father it was really sad; really disturbing,” said David.

It was last night when David was walking to a local McDonalds when he caught sight of two small kids in the bushes next to a nearby motel. Thinking little of it, he went and ate, but when he got back, nearly a half-hour later, he peered through the fence and realized the children were still there and in trouble.

“Huddled up real close together, teeth chattering just totally freezing,” said David.

The kids were huddling together and clinging to each other for warmth. The temperature outside was in the low 40’s.

“This was on their lap. It’s somebody’s jacket,” said David.

David knew he had to help. He called cops who quickly responded and got the children into a warm patrol car. Officers eventually able to locate the kids mom, Farris Martin. They say Farris was drunk at the very McDonalds David had just left.

“I was just really happy and relieved when the police called me back up and told me that the kids were okay,” said David.

Thanks in a huge part to David. It’s still unclear as to why Farris, who claims to be homeless, would not bring her children with her into the warm restaurant. David says he too is homeless and say it’s not a reason for what he saw.

“Just because someone is down, that’s not excuse to treat your kids that way or bring your condition down on them,” said David.

Comments (137)
  1. Dennis says:

    And finally! BUSH DID IT!

  2. Wally Hyatt Namer says:

    demographics please…

  3. bs detector says:

    Look on the bright side – at least she wasn’t feeding them McDonlad’s “food”.

  4. TonyTonyTony says:

    Down and out?
    Do two things; 1) Vote the Democrats out of office. 2) Get the Hell out of California.

  5. cooga says:

    she is an equal oppurtunity eater.

  6. ReRun says:

    Temperatures in the low 40s isn’t exactly “life threatening” or “freezing to death”. Calm down, take a deep breath, and Get a Grip!

    1. Thomas says:

      It is life threatening, ever hear of hypotherma? 40 degrees and wet WILL kill you.

    2. perseus317 says:

      Temperatures don’t have to get below freezing for a person to die of hypothermia. Anyone who would abandon her children to the cold while getting a warm meal ANYWHERE should be locked up. Anyone who would defend this irresponsible mother’s conduct has to be irresponsible themselves.

    3. never ending fight for freedom says:

      rerun u a moran

    4. Rose Wilfer says:

      ttwo littlevkids not big fatcheads. you getca grip prefably on your fingers. cold is not thec only threat these children were subject to, there are perverts out there looking for just this type of situation, those babies were in danger

    5. sharon says:

      You are an idiot you try sitting outside at night in 40 degree weather then tell us it’s not that bad, you are as stupid as the idiot mother!

  7. John Barnett says:

    There’s a good chance the mother was Muuchelle Obama, she loves her food.

  8. Rufriggin Kiddinme says:

    You can’t turn tricks with your kids hanging on to your ankles.

  9. Boetica says:

    They would be talking about the “creativity” of black single mothers.

  10. Boetica says:

    Look how well social programs work. Poor kids.

  11. TK says:

    Pretty sure homelessness and trashiness existed before Obama was in office. Idiots.

    1. Baby says:

      Indeed, you are correct BUT wasn’t Obama going to heal us all?

  12. C.Massei says:

    It amazes me that this has caused such an uproar when there are thousands of homeless children in this state and no one is outraged over their homelessness or that of their families.

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