SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Millions of dollars that have been poured into downtown Sacramento is giving it some new life.

The K Street redevelopment plan is bringing more businesses and even more jobs to the once desolate area.

The owner of Pizza Rock, Dive Bar and District 30 is opening a fourth venue.

And along with bars and restaurants, a new non-profit will be opening up that will be hiring about one hundred people.

At least four new businesses are planning on moving in soon.

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  1. swim says:

    Why do we keep throwing money at K st.? It seems we do this every few years, then the gangs turn up, area becomes totally unsafe with little police presence, a few years later we do it again.

    1. jjj says:

      I am not in a gang, and I go there regularly, day or night. I am just little old lady who loves downtown living. I see police there all the time.

    2. KnightOfCydonia says:

      obviously stated by somebody who does not know what they are talking about

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