EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – A criminal case of animal abuse was uncovered in Sacramento County after a horse near death was left to die a terrible death.

“To me it’s the equivalent of robbing a dying person,” said Beth DeCaprio, founder of The Grace Foundation of Northern California.

A local animal rescue group is seeing an increase in this cruel crime.

There are more than 160 rescued horses at the Grace Foundation, but there is one disturbing case that stands out, and she’s part of a growing crime.

“Obviously this horse was left to die,” said Beth.

Covered by a shaggy coat, the horse is skin and bones and sick to the point of being unable to eat.

“She’s clearly starving. As soon as you put her in a stall, if it’s shaving or straw whatever, she’s getting mouthfuls, but can’t swallow,” said Dr. Mike Russell, a large animal veterinarian.

The two-year-old mare was discovered Monday, the same day she was dumped on Sacramento County land.

“You can see the scissor marks,” said Beth.

Someone even cut off the sick horse’s hair, maybe an effort to make a few dollars.

Despite receiving care, the horse is showing only slight improvement.

“Unfortunately I don’t think the prognosis is good. We going to give her a chance see what we can do with her,” said Mike.

“Unfortunately we’re seeing a lot of horses abandoned. Last year we had 24 abandoned horses,” said Beth.

Only three weeks into the New Year, the Grace Foundation has already taken in three abandoned horses.

“Sadly, right now hay prices are double what they were last year,” said Beth.

Members of the animal rescue asking the community to keep an eye out for anyone abandoning animals.

“If this person was to be found, this would be felony cruelty charges,” said Beth.

It’s an act that’s not only criminal, but cruel.

“I can’t imagine. What’s scary is the person who was able to do this is in our community,” said Beth.

It will be couple of days before its known if this girl will survive. That’s something whoever dumped the animal clearly didn’t care about.

The medical care to give the filly even a chance at life is expensive. The Grace Foundation is a non-profit caring for hundreds of rescued animals.

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  1. URFULOFIT says:

    If a horse seems quite healthy, or if there’s more than one, they might have gotten loose. But if you see a single horse on the side of the road, you should call the cops for the traffic hazard. But if it seems malnourished (ribs showing) you might think if you saw a horse trailer having passed you in the other direction in the last few minutes. If not, step on the GAS and see if you can see taillights up ahead. This advice would probably only apply to those traveling at 3 or 4 am. Maybe the best idea is….if you find yourself behind a horse trailer at 3 or 4 am….write down the license number. Then wait for a day or two before throwing it out. It just seems like they (animal torturers) HAVE to use a horse trailer to commit this crime AND they have to be pullijng it around in the wee hours. I hope cops think about this, too. And with any luck at all….assisted with their bad kharma….I might end up on their jury.

    1. Amber says:

      Just a note, seeing a horse trailer out that early isnt ALWAYS that odd. I showed horses when I was a kid and we would load and move the horses at 2, 3 or 4 in the morning. However, my guess would bee that if someone was ditching their horse on the side of the road their trailer isnt going to be in that great of shape. So, if you see a trailer out at 3 or 4 in the morning dont always assume that the horse is being dumped somewhere…

  2. Marshall dillon says:

    Kinda seems like your pretty well educated on how to do this like you’ve practiced it once or twice

  3. Karen says:

    This is so sad, if you have a horse or know someone who has a horse that they are going to “throw away” I will gladly love them for you. I have a 35 year old horse and another one in the pasture and I would/could never ever be that heartless.

  4. shirley says:

    i can’t get this, out of my mind… this poor animal, that just wants, to serve, and be loved left like this.. How do these people sleep, what kind of soul, do they have? probably NONE… I can only hope, this poor horse, fights,, and makes it!! and to the people that left her.. have pain,and horror, all there lives,
    and to the wonderful people, that are helping her. may you be blessed, with goodness, forever…

    1. Karen says:

      i am with you on this, I wish I could make this person live the life of this horse.
      I can only hope that they have no other animals or children!!!!!!!

  5. Francell says:

    Ya know I think that they still have a once a month horse sale at Denio’s feed and I saw in the paper that they have a sale in Turlock every other week end you would have to call. Give someone a chance that wants a horse.
    Ita all just a thought they do not ship horses over sea’s fore consumption, at least they did’nt as of 10 years ago or so they passed a law to end that.

  6. DVH says:

    This story is so sad, sadder because the media (KOVR) used it as a ‘teaser’ several times the night it broke so we would watch longer hoping to hear that this animal was going to make it. Hoping that the perpetrator would be found out and punished.
    Now that some jock drove drunk or some impatient driver crashed into a train, the story , having served it’s purpose is left to die. I’m sure news reporting is a fast-paced high pressure job with lots of demands that I’ll never understand. Still, it seems that there should be some responsibility to follow up,after the viewers have been sucked in by the hype.

  7. Conni says:

    What is status of this poor animal? May the” owners” rot is hell for this behavior.

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