RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) — Authorities suspect road rage is to blame for a fatal crash on westbound Interstate 80 in Richmond that snarled the morning commute.

The crash occurred around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday. California Highway Patrol Officer Sam Morgan says the driver of a van was purposely tapping his brakes to force the pickup behind him to slow down when the two vehicles collided.

The van’s driver, described only as a man in his 60s, lost control and rolled over multiple times, landing in the middle of the freeway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The pickup’s driver and passenger were not seriously injured. Morgan said no citations have been issued so far nor have any arrests been made.

Three lanes of the highway were closed at one point. The road fully reopened around 8 a.m.

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  1. Don't be in such a Hurry says:

    Why are people in such a hurry to get to work???

    It’s work people, yuck…. Take your time….

    You don’t want to get there to early, anyway…..

    Buckle up & Drive Safely….. Save a life…. Save yourself…

  2. luanne says:

    Drive the speed limit or even slower; maybe they should drop the speed limit on 80, what is it now? 65? 70?

    Pay attention to the vehicles around you, don’t change lanes so quickly, LOOK first – behind you, next to you, in front of you; then do it all again before you change lanes!!

    I had the pleasure of driving to the Oakland Airport once to pick up my daughter, and once to take her back; people in California are some of the worst drivers I have ever encountered. I can’t believe the recklessness out there. You know who you are, and you shouldn’t be on the road at all.

    Please everyone who reads this story & the comments, Please Slow Down & Watch The Other Drivers, the life you save may be your own!!

    1. luanne says:

      Well this update certainly changes it from an accident to an idiot now dead. I’m sorry for the family & friends’ loss, but this just goes to show idiots should not be allowed to drive. Instead of tapping his breaks, why didn’t he change lanes? And the same question could be asked of the pickup driver, instead of tailgating, why didn’t he change lanes? California Drivers are idiots! Makes me almost ashamed to be one!!

      1. Sue says:

        Maybe the truck was on his A** and the van driver was sick of it. How fast do people want us to drive 100? Unless, of course, the van was in the fast lane doing 65. Too bad either way

    2. St. Peter says:

      Then you haven’t been out of the state. Go drive through downtown New York. Don’t blame the state simply because idiots in the bay area can’t keep it in their lanes.

  3. qen rodrigu says:

    He got his karma was it worth it?

  4. TLor says:

    The man tapping his breakes was not an idiot the guy who was in such a darn rush had 4 other lanes to pick from he didn’t have to crash into the van.
    If the person taps his brakes just go around them, they might be having car trouble or you might be tailgating!
    At 5:40am there is plenty of room to change lanes on the freeway so go around anyone you think is so slow. Maybe you won’t have vehiculer manslaughter to deal with next week!

  5. Cal says:

    When you try to be the speed limit regulator in your lane, you could end up dead! His tombstone will read: “…He sure was a stickler for going the speed limit. Too bad it cost him his life.” Pick and chose your battle more wisely, maybe you wouldn’t be dead right now!

  6. get over says:

    I’m sorry but the guy tapping his brakes was a fool. He’s not law enforcement and it’s not his place to do this. If you are in the fast lane and someone is riding your ass and wants to pass then move over. How idiotic is it to tap your brakes at highway speed when someone is on your A$$. This guy obviosly caused his own death.

    1. mike says:

      Learn how to drive and actually drive before posting unintelligent garbage such as this post. NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON ANY ONES BUTTOCK that is what is against the law not gently tapping your brakes, it is easy to see you don’t have a licence to drive “you don’t know the rules of the road” To say the innocent victim caused his own death should be reason to have your post removed. If I were a member of his familly I would sue you worm. get over stick to some thing you know about instead of making a fool of yourself.

  7. sassafras says:

    You are 100% correct luanne however the drivers in Southern Calif. know how to drive, when ya come to the N. Calif. bay area ya could lose all your hair by pulling it out because of horrible drivers.

  8. Whitey says:

    If people in Southern CA know how to drive, how come it’s always such a cluster f*ck on the freeways down there? God forbid a drop of rain hits the windshield… everything comes to a halt.

    You’re talking out of turn, sassafras.

    1. jackie says:

      The freeways in LA county, Orange county , Riverside county and San Diego county are clustered to a standstill because there are more cars on the road down there that so hard to understand? It does have its upside ya can take a nap or chit chat with other motorests when ya come to dead stops. The drivers down there know how to drive they know if they make one mistake ya might not get home till midnight , if your lucky that is.

  9. Doctorphillip says:

    There could be learning drivers reading these posts, Xfinity should remove posts that portray the victim as being in the wrong it appears that there is something developmentally wrong with some of these posts.

  10. LeahA1978 says:

    There is an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that provides more details on the accident. It states:

    “Zerangue, the lone occupant of the minivan, was driving behind the GMC driver before he swerved into the next lane and sped past the pickup, the CHP said.

    He then apparently tried to cut in front of the GMC and hit the brakes, but clipped the pickup before slamming into the center divide, Morgan said.”

    Based on that article, not only was the driver of the minivan the one tapping his brakes, he is also the driver that was tailgating, and the driver that made contact with (hit) the other vehicle.

    Some people should not be allowed to drive.

    1. Mcgiggity says:

      And leahA1978 wins. Lessons to be learned from the death of this motorist:
      1) give yourself clearance. Few car lengths at least.
      2) don’t try and enforce traffic laws of you aren’t an on duty police officer.
      3) break-checking people is a great way to cause a crash, and be considered at fault for the accident. Google “break check crash” and watch the videos.
      4) if you have someone riding your ass, or multiple people, let them through.
      You may in fact be driving slower than the flow of traffic.
      Maybe those people are rushing to the hospital or another emergency. Maybe they have to go to the bathroom really bad. Maybe they are just being rude, but is it worth causing or contributing to a car crash when you have the option not to?

      Choose your battles, people. Dealing with a wreck takes much more time and effort than signalling and changing lanes.

  11. dougspair says:

    being a 60’s something guy, I just poke along in the right hand lane at 60-65…cars are still on my rear, honking, flashing their brights…

  12. Gary Lake says:

    Some people spend so much time worrying about whats going on behind them when they should be concerned about what is in front of them!

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