By Nick Janes

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — They’ve occupied Cesar Chavez Park, they’ve set up shop in front of the old City Hall, and now the so-called 99 percent have a new spot in mind: county government.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Well, not quite. Supporters explain the next step in the Occupy movement is to occupy the government.

“For a grassroots movement to take off, yes, you have to organize in the streets but the next is you have to occupy the government,” said Gary Blenner, an Occupy supporter who is running for a Sacramento County supervisor seat.

Civil rights lawyer Jeff Kravitz has represented Occupy Sac protestors in the past. Kravitz is running for the county board seat in District 3. Blenner, a local high school government teacher, is running in District 4.

“I’ll tell you what, the powers that be had better be worried because we’re coming, and we’re going to run a serious campaign, because people are fed up,” Kravitz said during a press conference the two candidates held on Wednesday.

The two bill themselves as the first “pro-Occupy” candidates in the region, and possibly the entire state. They’re running on a platform that they say will give a voice to the 99 percent.

“It has to get out of this idea that when governments spend money, they have to spend $200 million,” Kravitz said. “They can give grants to help small, local businesses develop.”

In a joint statement, the candidates say they won’t support cuts that hurt the needy or selling off property to fund a new downtown arena.

As for the fundraising, they promise not to take money from developers. or big business. So, is there really enough support to take the Occupy movement from the streets to the county board? Stay tuned.

The candidates are promising to hold several community forums in the coming months to see what the voters would like them to do, should they be elected.

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  1. Pam says:

    We already have enough Socialists running the government in California – we don’t need any more of the “spread the wealth around” entitlement crowd.

  2. Ron says:

    . “They can give grants to help small, local businesses develop.” Grants imply you don’t have to pay it back. Once again the Ocuppy morons want government or anybody to just give out money.

    1. Fred says:

      Hey, it’s easy to spend OPM – Other People’s Money. As Margaret Thatcher was quoted as saying – Socialism works great until you run out of other peoples money to spend.

  3. URFULOFIT says:

    As someone who suffered for two decades in a developer owned town, (Rocklin) I hope this movement kicks a$$. As sprawl went up…the quality of life went DOWN. This loyalty to the fat-cats that the previous commenters exhibit is puzzling. It’s not about’s about POWER. If it HAS to be about money….I guess that would be referring to the $10,000-a-plate fundraisers for city council members attended by developers from around the globe. Developers would also groom and enter their OWN candidates in these local elections. So an “occupy” candidate would be a breath of fresh air.

  4. sassafras says:

    Development creates thousands of jobs feeds thousands of families for years. If the developer is responsible and has a good rep development is a good thing, thousands of young adults need “AFFORDABLE HOUSING”that is top priority in this state and others. Bring on the occupyers they have as much right to run for office as anyone else.

    1. Phedra says:

      They may have as much right to run for office as anyone else but that rowdy bunch of property destroyers does NOT speak for the 99%. They speak for themselves and no one else. They may speak for you, but they do NOT speak for me and many others. They have no qualms about destroying what belongs to others, about taking over our tax payer paid for parks and turning them into trash heaps. If they are this bad now, imagine how it would be once they got a foothold in government!

  5. Babarouser says:

    If one gets elected we can all see how fast he/she can run all of the Jewish owned and operated big banks out of the USA oh ya and close down all the Jewish controled media, have at it occupiers lol, good luck. Hey who is threatening to close all of our state parks here in Calif. right now AGAIN, who threatened to close them in the past. We are being threatened every month, if the government cannot raise your taxes they threaten everything near and dear to us all, people on Social Security had their colas taken away and you are worried about a handful of occupers burning a flag etc..Sacramento and Stockton are war zones people killing people every day, marines being penilized for peeing on dead usa enemies etc.. Sweet dreams.

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