Today Don picks up where he left off yesterday, with the Family Guy and Simpsons cartoon porn. He then calls in Ron and Billy from promotions to discuss where they’re going to go in the Sacramento area to give away Kings tickets. Don decides on the Waffle Barn in Roseville, but first he has the two go into the sales office to steal things from people’s desks. The guys then talk about the mysterious reddish brown stuff that was dripping down Christina Aguilera’s leg during her performance at Etta James’ funeral. It is speculated that it was self tanner that was dripping, but the guys have a few other ideas.

After Don tells us about last night’s hoarders episode, and the guys get into a discussion about what triggers disgust, the great James Brown from The NFL Today and Inside The NFL stops by. JB gives us his thoughts on Peyton Manning and Tom Coughlin and who he likes in the Super Bowl. He also tells us whether or not he’ll be doing more bits with the E-Trade baby.

Ron and Billy then call in from the Waffle Barn, and Don talks to listeners on the air who are getting the free tickets. Don then sends the guys to Country Club Lanes in Carmichael, to give away more tickets. We also get a visit from our old friend Janice from Ceres, who Don also gives tickets to. After Billy and Ron call up from Country Club Lanes, Don sends them out to Del Paso Heights, a rougher part of Sacramento that Billy does not feel too comfortable in.

Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” cleaned house today, firing Steve Jones, Nicole Sherzinger, and even Paula Abdul, and the guys discuss who might replace them. Don then pulls out a list of the straightest and gayest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. When Billy and Ron call up again, it’s obvious that Billy is none too pleased with having to be in Del Paso Heights, especially when one guy who “isn’t like him” rides up on his bike. We also hear the package of new jingles that finally came in for the station, after ordering them four months ago.

After hearing what George Clooney’s favorite curse word is, Mitt Romney singing “America The Beautiful,” and the entire Ferris Bueller 2 trailer, our good friend Suzette (Miss Lucky Button) comes in the studio. She tells us about her recent visit to the strip club, her pole dancing lessons, and her past relationships. We then find out that Joe had booked strippers for Suzette today, but they backed out at the last minute. Apparently 8 am is too early for strippers to wake up.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the GOP Florida primary, Mayor Kevin Johnson launching the “Brick By Brick” campaign,’s “Most Desirable Women” list, and an Iowa woman giving birth to a 13 pound baby boy. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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