DAVIS (CBS13) — Protesters have been regularly blockading an on-campus bank, forcing it to shut down day after day, but the tactic is testing the patients of some students.

For the past several weeks, members of the Occupy movement have marched into the UC Davis Memorial Center and directly protested a U.S. Bank branch inside the student center, decrying the high price of a college education and what they call predatory lending practices by the financial institution.

“Generally we will march in there, and some people are willing to interface with people, and some will sit down in front of the doors directly,” said Occupy supporter Maxx Bartko. “It is a bank blockade. That is how it works.”

In a statement to CBS13, U.S. Bank spokesperson Teri Charest said the bank “[respects] the protesters’ right to speak freely on public property. That said, our bank branch is private property and we seek to serve our customers safely and conveniently.”

The branch closed early Wednesday and placed a sign on their door directing students to the nearest branch in downtown Davis.

Some students expressed irritation with the protesters’ tactics and said the weeks of demonstrations are becoming frustrating.

“I’m all Occupied out,” said Elliot Sobel, who was blocked when trying to deposit checks at the branch. “It bothers me that they are students trying to protest this movement, when all they are doing is hurting me.”

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  1. raymond says:

    arrest all of them. uc davis are cowards, private property is to be respected, just as uc allowing open air protesters. i saw entire 30 min. pepper spray vidieo and think students should have not been given so much time. all b–sh-t.

  2. Brian Price says:

    Let them try to block me from entering a bank to do a deposit, they will move or I will move them. I have a right to enter without harassment.

  3. The Dougus says:

    Surely you mean “testing the PATIENCE of some students.”

    1. JMHO says:

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA So much for journalism. I’d like to occupy media offices until they learn to write, proof, and edit.

  4. sassafras says:

    Ah poor Elliot it would do them and him all good to walk five blocks to the downtown branch if the occupiers did not have any one to block they would probably go somewhere else. The banks do have predatory lending practices, maybe they will charge less but will probably charge more because of the occupier protest thus punishing all the students financially to get even.

  5. charley says:

    WAH! i cant go to the bank, i cant suck any more money out of mommy&daddy’s account

  6. Hank A. says:

    Not hard to figure out why the administration is not doing anything about this. They’re so afraid of another incident where the media makes the poor little protesters look like the victims. They need to stand up for everybody’s right to free access to the bank, the campus walkways, and every other place on campus. I’m sick and tired of these little spoiled pukes who protest like this. They are not doing anybody any good with these tactics. They are just pub hounds !!

  7. Daniel says:

    Bunch of idiots these guys are. If that bank weren’t on campus they would be crying for a bank. UC Davis needs a new dean, they are a bunch of cowards and should be prosecuting all these guys to the fullest extent of the law. Bunch of privilged kids going to university on their parents dime. Parents should be outraged too and cut off those kids funds that participate. How many of you people out there believe these students are putting themselves thru college? How many of you believe that they are so stupid they don’t know how to read a contract. Predatory practices, what a joke, as if they don’t know how to read, or what they are getting themselves into. I’ve said it before and here it is again, all these idiots want is everything to be free, then they will be happy.

  8. Jake says:

    So let me get this straight our stupid AG, will investigate a cop in which the full video clearly shows he did the right thing, and won’t do anything about the real law breakers.

  9. Brian says:

    CBS and the rest of the media should be running full front page articles recanting their support for these groups and actually talk at length about the full video like Jake said. It clearly shows the officer did the right thing. I hope the AP and OWS get sued for slander.

    1. trippingthrewthemariglds says:

      So you think the press should be controlled , no freedom of the press, they should not report news that you do not agree with, there is enough of that already and getting worse..Every da-n one of you “protesters “should be controlled, how would you like that? None of you are sick of them you are reading every thing they do and say don’t be such a bunch of hypocrats.

      1. Daniel says:

        To trippingthrewthemariglds, that would be hypocrites you flaming moron. No one is saying they should be controlled. We are saying be accurate. Quit putting out only those idiots support. Start pointing out the cost for all of us. Start calling out UCD for letting them occupy that house with out having to pay anything.

  10. redneckwriter says:

    Here’s an idea, if you don’t like US Banks “predatory practices”. Don’t bank with them.

  11. JMHO says:

    Once again these idiots take actions that hurt the 99% while claiming to be targeting the 1%. They hurt every day people who are just trying to do their jobs or go about their business as consumers. They seem to enjoy the power of grinding things to a halt, but grinding things to a halt has NOTHING to do with their myriad of competing stated goals.

    1. JMHO says:

      And…. as they interrupt businesses they further hurt the economy they keep whining about. Losers.

  12. Ginger Reese says:

    If they are students, EXSPELL them. If they aren’t students arrest them from criminal mischeif. They say they are the 99% but what part. They are making it harder for those who want to work. I say lock them all up.

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