DAVIS (CBS13) — Protesters have been regularly blockading an on-campus bank, forcing it to shut down day after day, but the tactic is testing the patients of some students.

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For the past several weeks, members of the Occupy movement have marched into the UC Davis Memorial Center and directly protested a U.S. Bank branch inside the student center, decrying the high price of a college education and what they call predatory lending practices by the financial institution.

“Generally we will march in there, and some people are willing to interface with people, and some will sit down in front of the doors directly,” said Occupy supporter Maxx Bartko. “It is a bank blockade. That is how it works.”

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In a statement to CBS13, U.S. Bank spokesperson Teri Charest said the bank “[respects] the protesters’ right to speak freely on public property. That said, our bank branch is private property and we seek to serve our customers safely and conveniently.”

The branch closed early Wednesday and placed a sign on their door directing students to the nearest branch in downtown Davis.

Some students expressed irritation with the protesters’ tactics and said the weeks of demonstrations are becoming frustrating.

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“I’m all Occupied out,” said Elliot Sobel, who was blocked when trying to deposit checks at the branch. “It bothers me that they are students trying to protest this movement, when all they are doing is hurting me.”