SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A nine-year-old boy is alive but still has a long road to recovery after nearly dying in a pit bull attack a month ago.

Malik Harvey has undergone nearly 10 surgeries at Shriners Children’s Hospital to repair the extreme damage done at a birthday party in South Sacramento in January.

The boy’s mother, LaShawnda Piraquive, said a pit bull pounced on Malik in a friend’s backyard, tearing huge chunks out of his arm and leg and causing more injuries to his head.

Piraquive credits a neighbor for saving Malik’s life. Pat Nunes said he “just did what I had to do” when he peeled the attacking animal off of the boy before more damage could be done.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene and shot the dog, killing it.

Malik’s arm is still bandaged, but he is not able to wiggle his fingers on his injured arm and doctors hope he will be able to recover.

“I’m very lucky, very lucky that’s he’s alive,” Piraquive said. “I call him my little entertainer, you know, he loves to put a smile on someone’s face.”

The family is accepting donations to help cover the costs of medical bills for Malik’s injuries. Donations can be given at Wells Fargo Bank, account #8658890317 for Malik A. Harvey. For more information, call (916) 365-2877.

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  1. Fred says:

    Bummer for this kid. When are we as a society come to grips with the fact that pit bulls are wired to attack?

    1. pam says:

      They are NOT wired to attack. Their owners wired them to attack. ANY dog can attack-small or large. Have you ever seen Cesar Milan and the Dog Whisperer? He is an expert on dogs and will tell you the same thing. This dog had bad owners, nothing else. Get over the dogtyping!

      1. RoastPuppy says:

        Wrong! The people who bred, i.e., created pit bull-type dogs, wired them to attack. Cesar Millan, the alleged “Dog Whisperer,” was a man in this country illegally who hit upon a way to scam the gullible — and boy has he scammed them! Last year, pit bulls were responsible for 71% of the fatal dog attacks in the US and 100% of the dismemberments and scalpings. This, despite the fact pit bulls make up no more than 5% of the US dog population. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out there is something badly wrong with these monsters and anyone who denies it is ignorant — and that includes Cesar “Illegal Alien” Millan!

  2. Jessica Mckenzie says:

    Pit bulls are not wired to attack their not killing machines. Do think any animal says to itself yes I want to harm or kill of course not. No what it’s to easy to blame animal how about you blame the human, for once. The dog obviously had issues but it wasn’t the animals fault it was the owner, their the one’s who should be punished no well treated dog is going to do that on it’s own. Brush up on animal psychology before you just start pointing fingers.

    1. jerseycat07503 says:

      I have to agree with you in my many years I have seen other breeds of dog be villianised,I have owned several of these breeds and never had a problem with any..Put the blame were it belongs on the people who train the animal and live with it every day.

    2. Grapevine says:

      Ask any specialist these dogs were bread just for that, I know a guy who family was the best family on the block, he had a pit that was a runt and they hand fed it from a puppy until it got older, it sleep with the kids bed, it was a typical family dog. Once it got up ran straight through the screen door attack a 12 year old girl, done so much damage before some one could pull him off, she ended up with over 400 stitches, now this dog never bit any one, was raised in the best of best conditions, and you tell me he was treated bad. Please put you joint down, clear your mind, because you obviously on this planet.

      1. mary says:

        Pit bulls are not at fault for inbreeding done by humans that caused a jean malfunction. This jean is why so many breeders are having animals tested. If the idiots who breed without liscense and proper edicate would stop maybe the breeders could finally have a chance to breed it out properly.

    3. Jane Clarke says:

      Once a pit bull attacks, for whatever reason, it is their nature to continue biting, ripping, tearing and shaking until their victim stops moving. You and the other pit nutters can argue that other breeds are more likely to bite, but when a pit bull decides to bite — and it doesn’t matter who or what is to blame — someone usually ends up badly injured or dead. These dogs ARE “wired” differently. That’s why, unlike other dogs, they rip off arms, legs and scalps in a matter of minutes. In recent years in the US, no other dog has torn the limbs from or scalped an adult. If you do not understand that different breeds of dogs are created for different purposes and thus possess different tendencies, then you need to brush up on animal husbandry!

    4. Denise says:


      My son was bit by a dog, our dog. We had adopted this dog a month prior to the attack. We took the dog on daily walks, took him to the lake, fed him the best food and NEVER harmed him. Then one day, my three year old woke up from a nap, he sat down in my lap and the dog out of NOWHERE bit my son. He needed nearly 40 stitches. It was not my fault, it was not my son’s fault. IT WAS THE DOG!!!

      The statistics don’t lie, pitbulls and rotweilers account for the vast majority of dog attacks. It is highly offensive for you to put the blame on innocent people for the behavior of an animal. No one wakes up and says “I’m going to adopt this dog and treat it like sh*t so it can eat my baby.”

    5. thinkingcanine says:

      Because humans bred them selectively for several centuries to be the way they are, they most certainly have abilities and instincts. Instinct means no training required. Training may modify instinct, and the amount of instinct varies from dog to dog, but instinct is in the dog’s mind, under the surface and there is no way to forsee when it might make the dog behave in pit bull fashion.

      I agree that the dog doesn’t have to be mean or angry to attack, any more than a beagle is mean or angry when on the trail of a rabbit. The breed’s instincts make these behaviors feel good and right to the dog, although the rabbit fears for his life. I have seen a pit bull puppy lock onto another puppy, and clench her little jaws, all the while a happy, even blissful look is on her face. Watch the videos of the pits hanging from their Locked jaws clenched on a knotted rope, for hours, all four feet off the ground. These are happy dogs. Pit breeders say that the dogs need little training to lock onto something; it is pure instinct to many.
      Your pit may never attack anyone, but if she does she will not need a reason (other than instinct), she will not give warning or try to avoid the attack, you will be amazed how much damage she can quickly do, she will be very difficult to stop. And afterwards, she will go right back to being licky faced and cuddly, if you will let her.

    6. Roastpy says:

      Different dogs were bred for different purposes. Retriever-type dogs “retrieve,” shepherd-type dogs herd animals. The reason they do these things is because they were created (“wired,” if you will) through a process of selective breeding to do this things. Over the past 20-25 years, pit bull-type dogs have been bred to be larger and more aggressive to the point they have little in common with the pit bulls of the ’40s and 50s. A pit bull back then weighing 50 pounds was considered huge. Today, there are pit bulls weighing close to 150 pounds. Brush up on animal husbandry. “Psychology” does NOT apply to animals!

  3. jlo says:

    Actually people DO care about this story. If you don’t care, great…go on your way but really…no need to share your negativity so early on this beautiful day.
    I wish the young man and his family all the best and hope he is able to make a full and swift recovery. Shriner’s is a wonderful facility.

  4. .......... says:

    I’m guessing by the parents contacting C.B.S, They are looking for a hand out or some freebies. Kinda Typical.

    1. Jane Clarke says:

      Their child was almost killed and will require years of corrective surgery! How dare you accuse these people of looking for a handout! What was the owner of that monster looking for when he decided to obtain a dog he could not control? If he wasn’t like every other pit nutter and didn’t have the proverbial pot to p*## in, he would have had homeowners insurance to pay the child’s medical bills. Pit bull owners are the most irresponponsible people own earth. They aren’t fit to raise a rat, let alone a dog!

      1. mary says:

        Grow up and do your research on why dogs attack. by the way where were the owners when all this disturbance was going on in the house? Shouldn’t they be held responsible as well as the dog. Not the type The dog itself. Every dog breed was bred to hunt something. Think about that and stop hatting without knowledge.

      2. lola says:

        I own a pitbull and my house and I have owners insurance and I have raised great childern…Dont understand how you can say bs like that.

      3. Roastpy says:

        To mary: Where have you been? Those of us with any sense have been saying the owners should be held responsible. Kill the dog and make the owners pay!

        To lola: You’re the typical pit bull owner — ignorant and uneducated. It’s HOMEowner’s insurance, not “owners” insurance and a “house” does not have insurance, a person has insurance. And I’ll bet those four hellions you raised are already in prison or on their way!

      4. lola says:

        Not even cool, My Men are all three fighting for you’r Freedom and THEY are fine young MEN!!!!!!!!

    2. RoastPuppy says:

      Their son will require years of medical treatment and plastic surgery and he will be scarred for life. Please explain how the parents engineered the attack by this 4-legged shark just to get a “handout” and “some freebies.” Don’t judge others by yourself. Just because pit nutters like you wouldn’t hesitate to risk their child’s life for a handout and some freebies, doesn’t mean everyone else is such a lowlife!

  5. Ck says:

    Shriners hospital does not charge a cent for the care they provide.

    1. Get a clue. says:

      There will be plenty of aftercare demanded plus ambulance, medications that can run in the thousands etc.,….
      This hospital is fantastic to not charge to people who can’t afford it. But to those who with a certain income, they do charge. Some people like us are barely middle income struggling and don’t qualify for anything, yet our finances say we are ok to pay things like this to institutions. Making under 38000 with a family IS difficult. It is do-able, but you can’t have any extra expenses like surgeries and aftercare, or you can’t feed your family.

      1. N Ly says:

        Shriners hospital does not charge for care regardless of the family income

  6. Grapevine says:

    Well the pit bull was not at fault he was doing what was bread in him. It is not if the dog attacks, it is when he attacks, the people who own pit bulls need to sign a form indicting they know this dog can and will eventfully hut some one, and they need to have liability insurance, and be liable for criminal proceedings. And you people who own pit bulls, well bring that dog next to my family, and when he attacks, I will cut the dogs throat from ear to ear, and then look for you.

    1. it's just facts............. says:

      Bread ? You must be from So.Sac also.

  7. Welfare Queen says:

    Send us some Money !!!!!!

  8. Hans says:


    You’re a brave little guy! I saw the news story last night.
    I wish you all the best and hopefully a speedy recovery! You’ve got wonderful people around you, from the doctors, the nurses and everyone else there as well as mother and your friends.

    Bless you Mr. Nunes for being there and for doing such a selfless act!

    Take care little man!

  9. Hans says:

    Bad form for the negative comments…

    It’s no wonder that there is so much hate in all of our lives.
    Perhaps one day, if you’re put in a situation like this you’ll get the same treatment!

    Pathetic losers!

  10. 40 Acres and A . . . says:

    Remember when that guy threw a dog out of the window onto the freeway and the ENTIRE WORLD was outraged because an animal had been mistreated. Here we have a young boy who is a victim of a vicious attack and you’d think we were living in racist 1950’s southern America. The more things change . . . .

  11. Attacked says:

    has already had 10 surgeries….huge chunks out of his arm and legs…naw, these dog aren’t dangerous…. wake up pit bull owners (good owners and bad) theses dogs are killers. I know how this little boy feels. when I was his age – I was attacked in the face…almost killed, but the dog came from such good owners, the dog never showed aggression before…..lucky me!

  12. thinkingcanine says:

    this dog did Exactly what he was bred to do: attack a dog-sized “opponent” for no reason, without warning and without trying to avoid the conflict, do great damage quickly, not stop easily.

    Unless you are a dog fighter, you do not need or benefit from expert mauling instincts and abilities.

    Dogs suffer the most from these man-made fighting instincts. Most dogs that attack are not spayed/neutered. Now that dog fighting is illegal, let’s require that all pits/pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs be spayed or neutered, microchipped for free. If a “lab/boxer mix” (wink) is “misidentified”, no problem, he gets a free neuter. No responsible pit owner is punished is as his dogs are already spayed/neutered.

    Breeders of other dogs: better spay/neuter your pups before sale and know who is buying your pups and for what purpose. If your breed is selectively bred for increasing reactivity and aggression, and becomes the “next pit bull”, your breed gets added to the free, mandatory spay/neuter microchip law.

  13. N Ly says:

    Shriners Hospital for Children does not charge for any of the care while in the hospital or for after care given once discharged. There is no charge to patient or family regardless of income. That is not to say this family does not have bill for services received prior to being admitted to Shriners Hospital.

  14. Jane Clarke says:

    To all of you who suggest this family take the child to the Shriners Hospital, the Shriners have more kids needing help than beds available. Why should the Shriners, or anyone else, have to foot the bill for the harm done by some idiot who exercises their right to own some worthless fleabag they cannot control? I hope the Shriners, or some other organization, does help this child, but the sorry owner should spent the rest of his/her pit bull-loving life reimbursing whatever organization provides treatment and pay this child for the pain and suffering he will endure for years to come. No one should be allowed to own a dog he/she cannot control and if people could control pit bulls, they wouldn’t’ be constantly “getting loose” and attacking people and other animals.

  15. Ginger Reese says:

    I hope the owner had home owners insurance they are responsible. If they rent you can go after the owner of the house. Pit bulls are one dog that should be outlawed. I was bit & I couldn’t even go into my back yard because the dog would break the fence and attact me in my yard. The owners need to help with any bills & rehab. the boy may need.

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