ORANGEVALE (CBS13) – Parents are keeping a close eye on their children and animal control officers will also be on hand Friday morning after a coyote was spotted prowling around an Orangevale elementary school.

The coyote has been seen near a creek that borders Trajan Elementary School in Orangevale.

Carrie Sweeney snapped pictures of the coyote using her cell phone.

She said she’s concerned because the animal did not show any fear of people.

Sweeney says she called animal control, but they did not show up right away.

The coyote and her pups have been spotted numerous times around the creek near the school.

A spokesperson tells CBS13 that animal control officers will be at the school on Friday to look for the coyote.

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  1. Leothelump says:

    Coyote bait.

  2. Skinner says:

    It’s a drought year, food is scarce, and most important-their over populated. Over population of a preditor is the result of restricting hunting of said animal. ie the mountain lion. If more people would take up the sport of preditor hunting, we would get this problem in check, before we start loosing children and pets. You can bet as soon as a child is killed by one of these preditors it’ll be someones fault. Check with the F&G about hunting preditors. Lets stay safe.

    1. stan atkinson says:

      Let’s declare open season on Skinner.

      1. Skinner says:

        Hey Stan, whats your solution? Have another beer?

    2. stan atkinson says:

      Sorry, not an alkie like you. But thanks anyways.

      1. stan atkinson says:

        Solution? To what? I see no problem here.

      2. Skinner says:

        Gotta get back to work, ya do know what that means right? I’d love to joust with ya but I never want to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

      3. stan atkinson says:

        Skin: okay, work. You mean like whay you qualify as work as getting off your couch or out of your bed looking for the tv remote?

  3. stan atkinson says:

    A coyote. How new..

  4. luanne says:

    That woman should not have told her child that the coyote would eat her or her friends (the small one’s comment was “I don’t want any of my friends to get eaten”. IFthat coyote isn’t ill, which I don’t think he is since he’s been there for 3-4 weeks now. He’s a scavenger, oh he will go out and kill small game (rabbits, gophers, mice, etc.) but if he’s hanging around a school yard, he is probably eating leftovers from the kids lunches. It’s less work than hunting. And what makes everyone think they don’t come out in the day? I see coyotes out during the day in the foothills all the time. If the janitors at the school will pull the trash cans in after lunch, that coyote will move on when he realizes there is no more free lunch for him.

  5. charles says:

    The only threat a coyote poses in this context is a threat to feral or domesticated cats, an other small animals. There is absolutely NO threat to humans at all, this is blown way out of proportion. Parents in the suburbs should be more concerned about trading in their gas guzzling SUVs…

    1. stan atkinson says:

      See, Charles has got it.

  6. stan atkinson says:

    And Sweeney said the coyote showed no fear of humans. Carrie, are you an expert in the field of research on coyotes?

  7. Jr. Lover says:

    OMG a coyote……Really?????????? I have ooodles of them around my house and children too. They don’t harm anything, really can we read some important news now. Dang city people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. stan atkinson says:

    I’m more concerned with the young kids driving around our schools way over the speed limit, running stop signs, no slowing in school zones. The same with delivery drivers from companies doing service work and deliveries. Oh, yeah, and the pedophiles cruising the school neighborhood.

  9. katrina ferland says:

    I live right next to the school-have seen the coyote off & on, he’s only looking for left out pet food and the lunches kids leave out. The parents need to be more concerned with the drivers around the school picking or dropping ff their kids who are runnig stop signs, texting, speeding and parking in the red zone so no one can get down the street. or see a child in the crosswalk because they are illegally parked and blocking it..The raccoons we have in the creek are bigger and more feisty

  10. Vic says:

    I grew up with a half German Shepherd, half coyote mix. She was one of the all time smartest animals I have ever been around. If my father pulled his overcoat over his head as he walked the half mile from the road to our house, our Shepherd/Coyote mix would bark her head off until dad got within about 25 to 50 yards away. Then she would run under the house and hide. The coyote in her would always have her run away rather than stay and protect the house like the German Shepherd normally would. When I was a teenager, we had a “pet” coyote for about 3 years. She loved the people she knew, but was cautious around people she did not know. Overall, there were plenty of coyotes around our house and I have NEVER heard of a coyote eating a child, attacking a child or any other human, unless it was fighting for it’s life. Coyotes are NOT aggressive, and they may appear to be unafraid of humans, but they are afraid of humans. They are also smart enough to know when to run and when they don’t need to run away. Enjoy them for their intelligence, hunting ability, and uniqueness. And don’t be afraid to share this earth with them.

  11. Hank A. says:

    This coyote got lost trying to get to the Post Office. He wanted to pick up his package from ACME products !

  12. sassafras says:

    We lived where the coyotes came out only at night(Tierrasanta San Diego) and every night they would grab someones pet dog or cat and it was just awful to hear the poor pets while they were being killed a eaten in the canyon. If they are hungry enough a small child would be easy prey, it has happened and more than once a parent has rescued a child, it is always best to be on the safe side.

  13. coyotehater says:

    Oh ya and one of my sons and family moved to New Mexico two years ago, they bought a place on a hill out in the country they were not there 3 days before the coyotes(that they did not know about)killed their loved pets, three cats that had been safe for years in their yard in San diego county. Also their standard poodle(big boy) was badly injured trying to save them. I despise coyotes.

  14. Frank says:

    Picture this coyote fans…you are sitting on your porch listening to the Riverside County Ca. 11: OO news report, ya hear a ruckous in the corral, the horses are throwing a fit , ya turn on outside lights, COYOTES are in the corral attacking one of your horses ya get your shotgun go out climb up on the fence shot off the gun the blast knocks ya off the fence and ya fall backwards and break your leg”BAD”, if a neighbor had not come by you would have probably been coyotes dinner when night fell. Rotten beadyflashlight eyed night roaming marauders.

  15. Vic says:

    See how smart coyotes are? They can even get people to lay themselves out so the coyotes can come back later for dinner! I continue to hear about what has happened to others, but no personal stories of anyone being attacked, or their “little children” being attacked. And the story about a coyote, or coyotes, attacking a horse, I find very unbelievable! Coyotes don’t go into the big stuff, just the little pets, little rabbits, etc. Sorry for the people that have lost pets, but coyotes are wild animals, and smart enough to figure out how to get in and out of residential areas with some very fresh meat. It is just their nature!

  16. frank says:

    People who have never lived in or near the boonies no nothing about coyotes. They do and will attack livestock. Ranchers shoot and kill coyotes at times. Cattle ranchers shoot them because calves are a coyotes favorite food. They really like fresh killed calve meat. If they are hungry they do go in for big stuff. They are smart, they can sneak up on ya if you have a pet sitting next to(on the porch) you in the dark and watch for a chance to grab your pet, the little devils.

  17. sassy says:

    That coyote that snapped pictures with Carries cell phone is really smart no doubt about it. LOL,LOL,LOL. love it lol.

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