Below is an Open Letter to Chris Hansen, the hedge fund manager who has an interest in moving the Kings to Seattle.  The letter was sent to Mr. Hansen at 11am today.

February 13th, 2012

Mr. Christopher Hansen
Valiant Capital Management
1 Market Street, Steuart Tower, Suite 2625
San Francisco, CA 94105

Mr. Hansen,

On behalf of the 99% of us who make up the wonderful mosaic that is the great City of Sacramento, we have one message for the top 1/10th of the 1% who is engaged in actions detrimental to our community:


If you have ever been to Sacramento, you would know that this is a big city with small town values and a big heart, which will fight for the more than 4000 construction jobs, seven billion dollars in economic development and $150+ million in annual economic activity that will be created as a result of the building of a new downtown-based Entertainment and Sports complex.

In this age of historic economic challenges, regardless of where one lives, we should all be working together to create jobs.  Our country has always been at its best when people have come together to work for the common good.  And that is precisely what we have done in Sacramento under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Sacramento City Council.

Today, the entire community, Business and Labor, Republicans and Democrats, the Mayor and the City Council, is working for the greater good of Sacramento.

We are especially troubled that you would be actively pursuing an initiative that you know will short-change our community of badly needed jobs given that your native city of Seattle knows the economic pain and suffering that comes when one city raids another city.  One would think that Seattle of all places would be sensitive to engaging in such predatory behavior.

Given what is at stake for Sacramento and your highly publicized effort to steal our team, we challenge you to come to Sacramento and participate in a debate at high noon on February 23rd at the Oak Park Community Center where you can defend the indefensible and explain the inexplicable: your effort to steal our jobs.

Participating in this debate on behalf of Sacramento will be a construction worker representing the thousands of workers from the Building Trades who have been out of work with unemployment for construction workers in excess of 20%, a current employee at Power Balance Pavilion who will lose their job should the Kings depart, and a representative of our youth community who love their Kings and wants them to stay in Sacramento.

To help prepare you for this debate, we are attaching to this challenge a report prepared by Think BIG entitled Truth or Consequences, which lays bare what is at stake, including documenting the impact on Seattle caused by the SuperSonics relocation.

We hope this report will help you prepare to defend why you want to inflict the kind of economic harm on working people that took place in Seattle.

Keeping the Kings in Sacramento as the cornerstone for the economic revival of the City is really a question of whose side are you on:

Are you on the side of jobs for Sacramento; the future of Sacramento; and the people of Sacramento or are you trying to kill our jobs; working against our future; and anti-Sacramento?

We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento.


Jeremiah Jackson
Think BIG

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  1. Phil says:

    I do believe we are fighting a dead cause, Even if we do get the Arena built, Whats to keep the Kings here? All the money Sacramento has or had to offer will be tied into the arena, The Ma Loofs can and well at anytime leave, I’m sure our KJ. has made a deal with the Ma Loof’s about paying back the $70 million they owe the city. I say let them go, any where, just go already…

  2. Lonnie Ledbetter says:

    Chris Hansen isn’t trying to get the Kings to move out of Sacramento. He is only trying to prepare Seattle for the potential opportunity of getting a NBA team back. It is up to the Sacramento City Councilvoters to decide if they will stay or not. This letter is so misguided.

    1. jacob says:

      Thank you … people like you, me, Jason, and Mark actually get the fact that Hansen has nothing to do with Kings ownership or relocation. This letter needs to be re-addressed now.

  3. Rob says:

    Whatever. We here in Seattle are not putting our “hands”on the Kings. We are waiting with open arms for you to fail to build an arena, and will gladly welcome the new Seattle Supersonics when you fail to do so. Instead of whining about your glorious city to someone that has nothing to do with you loosing your team, you should have been investing your time in getting an area built. And possibly writing letters to those wacky Maloofs, you know, the people who are ACTUALLY moving the team. So thanks for embarassing yourself, Jeremiah. You make the case for the SEATTLE KINGS for us.

  4. Whitey says:

    Hey Rob, we haven’t ‘failed’ yet… but you have, haven’t you? Aren’t you the guys without a team now? Why is it, when I go to the NBA website, there’s a team in Sacramento but not Seattle?

    Feel free to run your mouth when you do it right yourself. Until then, the jury is still out here so just keep sitting like a good little boy… wondering why your city allowed the Sonics to leave.

    P.S. – It’s “losing”… not “loosing.” D-Bag.

    1. Ryan MyCity'sFilthy says:

      That’s so great that you can actually read a website!! Now, if only you’ll remember correctly, we didn’t just lay back and allow our Sonics to leave. The reason you see a Sacramento team (not for much longer) and not Seattle (also soon to change) is because they were STOLLEN from us by Clay Bennett and David Stern!!! We loved our Sonics, did nothing wrong and were left powerless as ownership and the league agreed to move the franchise, despite outcry from thousands of disgruntled fans.

      And we continue to do it right even now, as we sit back and let Sacramento decide their own fate. Chris Hansen isn’t swooping in to steal the Kings away from your town like Bennett did to us. He wants to bring basketball back to our city, but he’s not gunning for any one particular team. And he won’t steal the Kings if Sacramento is ready and willing to do what it takes to keep them there.

      The fact that the writer of this letter fails to realize is that we do know what it’s like to have a team stolen without any say, and none of us would do that to another city. But, if Sacramento, New Orleans, or any other city does not put forth the necessary means to keep their team, then we will welcome them with open arms to the loving city of Seattle.

    2. Dave says:

      Sacramento allowed the original Sonics, that Seattle nurtured from an expansion team, to be taken away by Bennet and his OKC thieves. It’s a wonder that Sacramento who stole the Kings from Kansas City (who stole the team from Cincinnatti {who stole the team from Rochester}) has the gall to get upset when a better city maybe getting the team that they won’t support.

    3. sean says:

      Hey Whiney, show me where Hansen actually said ANYTHING about stealing the Kings. Watch his only video out there on this subject. Seriously…go check it out. You all are so paranoid that you’re just flailing away at anything. If you all can’t get your sh** together down there, then they will end up leaving anyway. And what about Anaheim? They just announced that they are breaking ground on a renovation project. THEY have actually said they want your Kings. Nothing to say on that, “Stink Big”? This guy is a typical irrational liberal moron. Get your sh** together, loser. SONICS BABY, YYYEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Idiot Savant says:

    Jeremiah Jackson using Occupy rhetoric is only his second mistake, but it’s very telling of what kind of person he is. The biggest obvious mistake is his unfounded attacks toward Christopher Hansen. So if Hansen buys the Hornets instead, the Kings are all-of-a-sudden saved in Sacramento, no questions asked? Really? Hansen is looking for a team, not a specific team. Jackson’s grandstanding is making Think Big look very bad.

    1. Jason says:

      Chris Hansen isn’t buying any team. He’s investing his money solely in property and contributing to building an arena. He has no interest in ownership or relocating a franchise.

      Which is why this letter is misleading and false on so many levels.

  6. KFH17 says:

    Instead of writing letters, to people who have no control in derailing your effort, you should get back to your own proposals to keep the Kings in Sacramento. I have been a seattlite all my life, and miss the sonics dearly. The NBA has set a dangerous precedent that all markets can be at risk to lose their team. And Sacramento now faces the same challenges brought forth to the city of seattle, and we never sent snotty messages to anyone who tried to renovate an arena, in hope of landing an NBA team. I honestly believe you the new arena will not be built in Sacramento anyways.

  7. SuperSonics2014 says:


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