Below is an Open Letter to Chris Hansen, the hedge fund manager who has an interest in moving the Kings to Seattle.  The letter was sent to Mr. Hansen at 11am today.

February 13th, 2012

Mr. Christopher Hansen
Valiant Capital Management
1 Market Street, Steuart Tower, Suite 2625
San Francisco, CA 94105

Mr. Hansen,

On behalf of the 99% of us who make up the wonderful mosaic that is the great City of Sacramento, we have one message for the top 1/10th of the 1% who is engaged in actions detrimental to our community:


If you have ever been to Sacramento, you would know that this is a big city with small town values and a big heart, which will fight for the more than 4000 construction jobs, seven billion dollars in economic development and $150+ million in annual economic activity that will be created as a result of the building of a new downtown-based Entertainment and Sports complex.

In this age of historic economic challenges, regardless of where one lives, we should all be working together to create jobs.  Our country has always been at its best when people have come together to work for the common good.  And that is precisely what we have done in Sacramento under the leadership of Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Sacramento City Council.

Today, the entire community, Business and Labor, Republicans and Democrats, the Mayor and the City Council, is working for the greater good of Sacramento.

We are especially troubled that you would be actively pursuing an initiative that you know will short-change our community of badly needed jobs given that your native city of Seattle knows the economic pain and suffering that comes when one city raids another city.  One would think that Seattle of all places would be sensitive to engaging in such predatory behavior.

Given what is at stake for Sacramento and your highly publicized effort to steal our team, we challenge you to come to Sacramento and participate in a debate at high noon on February 23rd at the Oak Park Community Center where you can defend the indefensible and explain the inexplicable: your effort to steal our jobs.

Participating in this debate on behalf of Sacramento will be a construction worker representing the thousands of workers from the Building Trades who have been out of work with unemployment for construction workers in excess of 20%, a current employee at Power Balance Pavilion who will lose their job should the Kings depart, and a representative of our youth community who love their Kings and wants them to stay in Sacramento.

To help prepare you for this debate, we are attaching to this challenge a report prepared by Think BIG entitled Truth or Consequences, which lays bare what is at stake, including documenting the impact on Seattle caused by the SuperSonics relocation.

We hope this report will help you prepare to defend why you want to inflict the kind of economic harm on working people that took place in Seattle.

Keeping the Kings in Sacramento as the cornerstone for the economic revival of the City is really a question of whose side are you on:

Are you on the side of jobs for Sacramento; the future of Sacramento; and the people of Sacramento or are you trying to kill our jobs; working against our future; and anti-Sacramento?

We look forward to seeing you in Sacramento.


Jeremiah Jackson
Think BIG

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  1. Dolph says:

    Interesting grandstanding by someone who’s acting like Sacramento didn’t take the Kings from Kansas City.

    1. Scot Greiner says:


    2. JBailey says:

      The investor is from San Francisco?, can’t you throw a rock from SF to Sacramento? WOW ! Guess the management company is lookin for higher priced real estate.

    3. Ryan MyCity'sFilthy says:

      Right?!?! Ooooh, how the truth must hurt.

  2. jeff says:

    Read the title again and please fix it.

  3. Joel Schwartz says:

    Most Seattle sports fans, like me, are opposed to the heist of the Kings because we fully realize the pain that it causes a community and we do not wish another city to be treated as miserably as we were. But if for whatever reason the Kings are not in fact uprooted and carted away to Seattle, don’t delude yourself into thinking that your troubles are over. The NBA is a corrupt, venal organization that is contemptuous of its customers, and David Stern is a greedy, lying weasel who will betray you in a heartbeat if it means a couple of extra bucks in his pocket and the pockets of the other owners.

    1. Alex Warneke says:

      As the antithesis to you, I’m a Seattle sports fan that takes the “No Mercy” approach. Yes, it sucks to have your team taken from you. And yes, I would feel remorse over taking the Kings from the people of Sacramento. But do you know what would make me feel better about it? Going to a Sonics game. Sacramento, New Orleans, and Phoenix, you are all on ALERT! We want your team, and we won’t hesitate to take them.

    2. Seriously says:

      Who are you to speak on behalf of anyone?

    3. Jon Moore says:

      HUH? we dont oppose the relocation if it means we get our Sonics back which were stolen from us. Those jobs will be loved and are needed as much in Seattle as they are in Sacremento. You should have learned from the Sonics mistake. You have had 3-4 years to build that arena.

    4. Ryan MyCity'sFilthy says:

      Umm, excuse me, but I think I can speak for a greater number of “most Seattle sports fans” than you when I say tough $#*! If Sacramento fails to pull the trigger, gimme my Sonics MAAAAAAYYNNN!!!

  4. Richard Vert says:

    Who are you to try to speak for most Seattle sports fans ? I’ve never heard such a load of dookie in my life. If you want to grab one butt-cheek in each hand and shove your head up this clowns rear go right ahead . I’m sure the two of you would both squirm with delight. Just do it alone. If these guys can’t keep a team they got nobody to blame but themselves. The NBA has babysat them long enough.

  5. Char Smith says:

    Hi. I’m a Seattle sports fan. I watched the Super Sonics throughout my childhood. I was raised watching Kemp vs Jordan. I know how difficult and gut-wrenching it can be when a beloved franchise is stolen away from you and moved to some terrible part of the country.

    That said, if Seattle has to “ruin” Sacramento to get the Sonics back, then so be it. The letter above is a bunch of rhetorical grandstanding with little real substance in the way of facts or numbers.

    If you lose the kings, then that sucks for you. I just hope that Seattle, for once, will be the beneficiary of some sports-related venture, as opposed to being vilified for wanting our basketball team back.

  6. Mike says:

    I think Seattle fans of all people would be able to empathize with how important the Kings are to the Sacramento area. Thousands of people have been devastated by the Sonics leaving Seattle. Does Seattle want to steal the Kings for selfish reasons? Not at all! But the fact of the matter is that if this doesn’t happen, the Kings would more than likely be moving to Anaheim. Do you really want your beloved Kings to move to a city that already has 2 basketball teams instead of a city that lost their team? As a fan of Christopher Hansen’s efforts, I personally would rather see Seattle get the Hornets from what appears to be an apathetic fan base. Actually, I would prefer expansion, so Seattle doesn’t have to steal anyone’s team. But the NBA is too set at 30 to expand, especially when they can bully teams like the Sonics, the Kings and the Hornets around.

    I don’t expect you to want the Kings to move to Seattle. To do so would invalidate all the Kings have done for the Sacramento area. But if the Kings are moving anyways, I would rather they go to Seattle, a city that was a victim of this same Stern-shenaningans than to Anaheim where the move is entirely money based. With the Clippers, the Lakers, the Kings, the Ducks and two strong colleges in UCLA and USC, the Kings shouldn’t move south. I would rather the Kings don’t move anywhere. But if they have to, I hope they move to Seattle. At least the wrong from the Seattle-OKC situation can be resolved as opposed to Seattle AND Sacramento being the latest victims of David Stern

    1. Mike says:

      On a side note, thanks for providing the contact info for Christopher Hansen, would love to send him an email or letter thanking him for his current efforts to invest in the emerald city

    2. Matt Tucker says:

      Mike, fully agree with you. Expansion would be my absolute preference but it’s just not a reality. The Hornets would be my second option as the support for the team is anemic and it makes a lot of sense for the league to finally off-load ownership. Since the league is too driven to pull out of the New Orleans market, the Kings present the next most viable option. If Sacramento can work things out and keep the team, all power to them. If that doesn’t happen, then Seattle presents the best scenario for the team.

  7. David Burton Allen says:

    I don’t think Hansen has said either way what team he would target to relocate to Seattle if he were able to get the arena deal done. If the Kings are able to get their arena deal done then heck, great I hope they can keep them. But on the chance that they do not get a new arena deal done where would you rather have the Kings go? Right now it would probably be one of two places, Seattle or Anaheim. David Stern has turned the NBA into a dog eat dog world where cities are the dogs. I hate it, I do, but at the same time I really want a new team in Seattle. I would rather take a team like New Orleans, and leave a team with loyal fans like the Kings in Sacramento, but if it comes down to it and the Kings are put up for sale, and an owner can’t be found who will build an arena in Sac-Town then I wouldn’t complain if the came to Seattle. Would I feel for ya down there? Heck yes I would. But would I be happy? Yup. Don’t be mad at Chris Hansen for playing the game that Stern has initiated, be mad at David Stern for starting this whole mess.

  8. 206hoopsfan says:

    As a life long Sonics fan I can speak for most people here when I say we do NOT want to take anyone’s team, especially after the enormous heartbreak of losing the Sonics. However, the league isn’t going to expand, and the only way of getting another team, unfortunately, is to take someone else’s. To add on to that, you guys have been given much more time to figure this whole thing out, than we had here. If you guys figure it all out, then more power to you, seeing people with signs talking about keeping the team makes me think about the pain I went through when it became apparant we were probably going to lose the Sonics. However, the fact remains that you’re going to be up for relocation if an agreement isn’t reached, and you shouldn’t hold it against Seattle or Chris Hansen if it does happen. This the fault of the NBA (Emperor Stern), and the precedent they set of “no team is safe” after heartlessly moving my Seattle Supersonics after 41 years of history. I think I speak for most Seatteites when I say good luck, but don’t place your anger towards us, we’re not the ones trying to force your team to move.

  9. miislander says:


    I wonder if you felt as indignant in 1985 when Sacramento engaged in predatory behavior, stole the Kansas City Kings and short-changed the Kansas City community. Did you raise an eyebrow over the economic pain and suffering that Sacramento dished out back then?

    Trying to compare the situation in Sacramento and Seattle is ridiculous and only goes to show your ignorance regarding the situation.

    First of all, the Sonics were born and bred here, joining the league in 1967. The Kings were stolen from Kansas City in 1985.

    Second, the city of Sacramento was given nearly a year to come up with a plan to fund a new arena by Commissioner Stern— Seattle, on the other hand, was told by Commissioner Stern to immediately fund a new half-billion dollar arena or his buddy Clay was going to move the team (which was his obvious intention all along).

    If you’ve got any beef it’s not with anyone associated with Seattle. You need to direct your anger at the man responsible for the situation – David Stern. At least he gave you guys the time and many chances to keep your team — something Seattle never got.

    1. Ryan MyCity'sFilthy says:


  10. Nick says:

    Honestly, if I were Chris Hansen I would see this as a total turn-off. Nothing in this letter gives him incentive to change his mind on anything. The condescending way it is worded is just dumb. The argument about the jobs is irrelevant as he would create the same jobs involved with an arena in Seattle as they would in Sacramento, same jobs just different place. Then you challenge him to a debate so he can “defend the indefensible.” Yeah, that’s gonna win him over. Quite frankly this is pretty pathetic. If you want the Kings to stay, do something more constructive like contacting the city council or something. Chris Hansen has no bearing on the situation UNLESS YOUR arena doesn’t get built. Until then he’s out of the picture.

  11. 206hoopsfan says:

    Ok, after actually reading the whole thing I have concluded that this writer is an idiot. I certainly sympathize with Sacremento fans who just want to keep their team, but this guy is making you look dumb.

  12. Rmcd says:

    I know KJ started the group that Jeremiah is a part of. Don’t think he would support a letter like this. TWO WORDS, KANSAS CITY!!!

  13. Jack says:

    What really stinks is that the Sonics team stolen from us is on the verge of winning a championship. That Stern and the NBA allowed our team to be sytematically dismantled , thus putting a bunch of rookies on the floor to ensure top draft picks is a bleeping outrage.
    Leave the Kings in Sac, move the Hornets to NO and most of all bring back our Sonics.
    But that aint gonna happen, see ya soon Kings

  14. Jack says:

    oops Hornets to OKC

  15. Matt Tucker says:

    Here’s the thing about Sacramento from Seattle’s standpoint: We don’t want the Kings, per se. We want a team and the unfortunate reality is that’s only going to come through relocation. The truth is that Sacramento is in very real danger of losing the team of their own accord, and if they can’t accomplish keeping the Kings there, Seattle would be absolutely silly not to pursue them. Right now, the Kings are the most likely option to get a team back in the PNW.

    I know people want to paint this as Seattle coming in to “steal” the team but that’s not the case. The Kings are still owned by their same owners – not anyone from Seattle – and the Maloofs are looking for some type of economically viable situation. Don’t forget, they were all signed off on going to Anaheim a year ago. Seattle, and anyone associated with the efforts to get an arena and a Sonics team back, has nothing to do with what’s going on in Sacramento besides making it clear that we’d take the team if they end up moving.

    1. Corey Turpin says:

      Exactly…if they are forced to relocate then we would gladly accept them in Seattle. We are not “stealing” anyones team. Teams relocate all the time. The KINGS are one of the most well traveled teams in the NBA. They have already called 4 different places HOME!

  16. Corey Turpin says:

    You do realize that if Sacramento doesn’t get a new arena the KINGS WILL LEAVE. Regardless of its to Seattle or not. They are on the OUTS. How about you, as a city, take care of what you have to take care of…and if you fail then you have no one to blame but yourselves. Anaheim, CA isn’t exactly a close commute for Sacramento residents (6 1/2 hours).

  17. Jason says:

    Has there even been any evidence that Chris Hansen is dead-set on relocating the Kings? … From what’s been reported, he’s not even interested in being a stake-owner of any team. He’s just some dude who wants to do what he can to enhance and contribute to his home town, and build a new arena it’s needed for so long … After an arena gets built (heavens please), anything that goes on with the NBA, NHL, or Final Four is none of his own doing. The only argument you have is that he has rights to the building, which is a minor percentage of franchise ownership.
    If anything you should address this letter to the Maloofs. Whom, you don’t need me to remind you, have been wanting to relocate the Kings dating back to 2009 (publicly, if not earlier than that). They’re the ones that are desperately waiting for the vote on 2/28, hoping it doesn’t pass.
    And I don’t want to hear ANYTHING more about how this is exactly what OKC did to Seattle and we’re becoming the bad guys. Aside from the team actually relocating, this is nothing (I mean NOTHING) like what went down up here. There is no one like Clay Bennett (yet). And there’s no one like Howard Schultz (yet). And from what we know, there is no David Stern sneakily in cahoots with a Clay Bennett, going behind your back … (yet).
    I don’t want the Kings to move, but I do want a franchise: the Hornets, Grizzlies, or Bobcats. And even though the Kings used to be in KC, they’ve been in Sacramento for my lifetime (apologies for being selfish) … Whereas NO, Charlotte, and Memphis have had their own troubles even stabilizing in their current towns.

  18. Mark says:

    The most humorous part of this is that Chris Hansen has never publicly commented on the matter (presumably out of respect for what is happening right now in Sacramento). The “publicity” regarding trying to obtain the Kings comes from a news story that inferred the information from an email received from an arena consultant, obtained from the city of Seattle by a public records request, that contained a link to a story about the Kings. Nobody has definitive information about Hansen’s plans, but unnamed sources say that a Seattle arena deal is not contingent on the Kings relocating. Instead of trying to drag Hansen through the mud, why don’t you focus on convincing Sacramento officials to build an arena. If that happens, the whole Seattle arena story is irrelevant.

  19. SFK says:

    If the team leave I will feel horribly for the good fans in Sacremento, but I will have zero sympathy for the idiot who wrote this article blaming people who have nothing to do with Sacremento’s problems.

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