AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) – A registered sex offender has been arrested after sheriff’s detectives say he was stealing items from a cemetery and giving them away to neighbors as gifts.

Jimmy Ray Goodall

Earlier this month, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office received a report that a man was stealing mementos and flowers from grave sites and from the mausoleum at Sunset View Cemetery in Jackson.

Amador County Sheriff’s detectives identified the subject as a registered sex offender Jimmy Ray Goodall, 59, of Linden and formerly of Amador County.

“He took items from kids to war veterans,” Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan said.

Detectives responded to Goodall’s residence and reportedly located items of stolen property in plain view. When contacting residents living nearby, detectives reportedly found stolen property that had been given to neighbors as gifts.

“We’ve seen people deface grave markers, destruction, … vandalism in graveyards, but to actually remove mementos left by loved ones for their departed relatives really takes it beyond the pit,” Ryan said.

Detectives arrested Goodall at his mother’s residence in Valley Springs and charged him with malicious acts (theft) at a cemetery, possession of stolen property and failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements.

“It’s particularity invasive and egregious when you invade someone’s sorrow like that,” Ryan said.

Goodall was booked into the Amador County Jail with bail set at $40,000.

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  1. A Troll says:

    Du-u-u-u-u-u-de! You need to put the bong down!

  2. XMalcomX says:

    Malcom, your an idiot. Racists prick…wanna talk about Detroit, or DC, or Nola?, I bet not.

  3. Mike Merryman says:

    Si do people ;eave valuable things at grave site and they remain there forever? How valuable can any of it be?

    1. Mike Merryman says:

      So do people leave valuable things at grave site and they remain there forever? How valuable can any of it be?

    2. Sally says:

      Why does it matter? If something has sentimental value (everything left at gravesites do) they are valuable and shouldnt be stolen no matter what the paper currency value is.

      If you know that is my favorite drinking glass and I leave it on the table on my front porch.. should you steal it just because its an old mason jar worth nothing? Do I have a right to be upset with you?

      You always know when something is NOT YOURS. No matter whose it is or what its worth.

  4. Homey says:

    is he the same entrepreneur who was stealing the gold teeth from the dead bodies? Hey, it’s pretty clever actually, you don’t have to kill any witnesses and you get free stuff

    1. beee says:

      Man these comments crack me up…lol

  5. meadowlands says:

    I have heard of flowers being stolen or Christmas decorations. Even the dead can’t rest in peace

  6. vahawker says:

    Someone was stealing the flower arrangements we left for my father-in-law, We put a note where it wouldn’t be visible until the flowers died in one that said “If you received these as a gift, the person who gave them to you stole them my father’s grave”. Last flowers stolen from his grave.

    1. Candy says:

      So that’s why I don’t get flowers from my husband anymore

  7. nicademus says:

    Azzholes like this jerk should get his head bashed in. Sorry MFer…

  8. John Robert Mallernee says:

    While visiting Spring Lake, North Carolina, I once left a stuffed bunny on my Mama’s grave, and many months later, it was STILL there ! ! !

    As a result, I sent a letter to the editor of the “FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER” newspaper thanking the lpeople in that area for their kindness and honesty.

  9. Obam goin' down says:

    Actually, they are two different breeds.

    One lives in the higher altitudes, while the other is a valley thief.

  10. DirtyDave777 says:

    OK he’s a sick F!@# but whats that got to do with being a Reg Sex Offender.
    Plenty of people Vandalism Graves who aren’t Perverts. Do their Arrest Records Say Vandalism by a Non Sex Offender?
    Or Did I just Miss the Part About Molesting A Corpse.

  11. p3orion says:

    “Uh, hi neighbor. Gee, thanks for the plastic flowers. No, my kids can’t come out and play.”

  12. Schnurri says:

    Why would you leave soemthing that has sentimental value on a grave? Are you stupid? I’ve nver seen a person rise from the dead and smell the flowers.

    1. Walljasper says:

      You’re a thoughtless troll. Get some help, you dirt clod.

  13. Alan says:

    Welcome, Drudge.

    I’ll second Mike above: what DOES happen to flowers, etc left on graves? Does the cemetery staff leave them until they rot, then dump them? What about toys, candles, photos? Juuust wondering

    1. steveb says:

      They usually remove such items at cemeteries. Of course, it’s going to be up to the individual cemeteries.

  14. walter12 says:

    There is no question that California is a terrible place now. It has become a cesspool of crime, dopers, gangs, misfits, deadbeats, communists, Marxists, anarchists, welfare set, and on and on.

  15. Udo says:

    It’s just recycling. This man would be well-liked in Portland, thief or not. You could rape someone and be held up as a hero as long as you connect it to a word like “recycle” or “green” there.

  16. jerrykregle says:

    Thats why all criminals should be systematically executed
    that way we can leave the next generation peace of mind
    and use the money we would waste on these lowlifes on more important things

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