Today, Don announces that the Kings are staying!! The Sacramento City Council reached a deal with the Maloofs to break ground on a new arena, keeping the Kings in Sacramento for a long time! All that’s left is the formality of a City Council vote for approval! Don and Dave talk about the events of the past year, including Dave’s #Herewebuild tweet, igniting a grass roots movement, the last game of the year, which included Grant and Jerry’s tearful sign-off, the one-year reprieve, and the rally at Caesar Chavez plaza, among other things, all leading up to this huge day for Sacramento! Don then asks Craig to give a recap of jury duty, which included Craig’s observation that it was easy to tell which people were potential jurors and which people were defendants.

After Craig gives his argument why having sex with a step sister is perfectly acceptable, Dave tells us about his dim-witted intern, who is growing a beard to get out of a traffic violation in which he was photographed running a red light. The guys then talk more about the Kings staying put, and how important that is to the city of Sacramento, before playing a couple brand new East Coast Bob clips from yesterday, in which he calls radio shows in Seattle and San Diego. The guys also talk about the Daytona 500, Juan Pablo Montoya’s bizarre wreck with a jet dry truck, and Danica Patrick’s wreck 2 laps into the race.

After the guys talk about how awesome of a show Eastbund and Down is, we hear a clip of Ryan Seacrest saying he wasn’t in on the Sacha Baron Cohen prank at the Oscars, and Whitney Houston’s goddaughter talking about the last time she spoke to her, it’s time for another round of “Stupid Jeopardy.” Among the categories today: “Random Crap About Animals,” “TV Trivia,” “Food Fun,” and “American Idol.” We then get a visit from the Sacramento Kings’ owner Gavin Maloof. Gavin talks about how great it feels to have the arena deal complete, how much the Maloofs love the Sacramento fans, how important Mayor Kevin Johnson was in getting the deal done, and even tells us how important Dave was with his efforts in keeping the team.
Don then reads an email from the editor of Sacramento News and Review, regarding the Tom Couzens feud. The guys reiterate that it was indeed Tom Couzens who called last Wednesday, as well as last Friday, to curse at Craig, and then hang up. Tom claims it wasn’t him, but Craig can confirm that it was indeed his voice on the other end last week.

After we hear about Ann Marie Petrie’s very affectionate embrace with Dave over the success of the arena deal, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the new cast of “Dancing With The Stars,” James Spader leaving “The Office,” CBS coming out with a Sherlock Holmes show, in which Lucy Liu plays Watson, and America’s favorite/ most hated TV news parsonalities. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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