By Grant Napear

Great news dropped Monday morning as it was announced that the city of Sacramento and the Maloofs struck a tentative agreement on funding for a new Sports and Entertainment Complex, a topic that owned the 1140 airwaves for all four hours of Grant’s show.

In the first hour, Mayor Kevin Johnson discussed plans for a new arena, his negotiations with the Maloofs, and the long journey that’s led to the agreement for a new arena in Sacramento.

In hour two, Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee talked about how Mayor Johnson and the Maloofs were able to find middle ground in negotiating the Maloof family’s share of funding for a new Sports and Entertainment Complex in Sacramento.

After Grant’s rant about the absurdity of the NFL Combine, co-owner of the Kings Gavin Maloof joined Grant to talk about his family’s role in negotiating for a new arena in Sacramento and the decade-plus-long process that started when the Maloofs bought the Kings. Gavin also expressed his gratitude towards the fans and others for making it happen and helping to keep the team in Sacramento.