MODESTO (CBS13) – Students at a Modesto high school are still dealing with negative attention now that the school is in the spotlight for a former teacher’s love affair with a student.

The relationship between 41-year-old former Enochs High teacher James Hooker and 18-year-old Jordan Powers, his former student, is making headlines around the world.

“They are saying she’s doing this, going on this show, and it’s become really crazy,” one student said on campus Thursday. “Now our school is famous because this happened.”

Students say the attention is distracting.

“I can’t even focus,” another said. “In every class that I’ve been to today, there’s been a conversation about Jordan Powers and Mr. Hooker,” another said.

Powers recently left campus and moved in with Hooker, who quit his job and left his wife and kids.

One of Hooker’s daughters is a year younger than his new lover and attended the same school until transferring Wednesday.

“They’re going through so much already, like why prolong it on TV, national TV, it’s like a slap in the face,” one student said.

The teacher-student love affair became public earlier this week when the teen’s mother waged a Facebook war –claiming the teacher pursued her daughter before she turned 18. He denies that anything sexual happened before she turned 18 last September but police are investigating the relationship.

The controversial couple was featured on a national TV morning show on Thursday. Many students watched before class.

“It was honestly disturbing,” student Kendall Riley said after watching the show. “It’s just weird.”

Another student wondered about all the media attention the two are receiving.

“They’re getting in these newspapers, on the news, and now Dr. Phil,” Annie Schott said. “They shouldn’t be getting all this praise for it.”

Some students are weighing in online instead of on campus.

As news spreads around the globe, a Facebook page supporting the former business teacher titled “Hook man for life” is gaining popularity.

The profile picture shows the pair, and in the “about” section its creator says in part: “I’m not doing this to be some little arrogant punk. I did this out of respect.”

“It’s weird. She’s getting famous for something that’s bad and I hope she opens her eyes and turns it around, but that’s her choice at the end of the day,” one student said.

CBS13 asked to speak with the couple but was told they are still doing exclusive interviews with a national network.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Get over it! The young lady is 18 and can make her own decisions according to the law. There was a similar incident at my school a few decades ago.

  2. Maundy_Friday says:

    When a teacher uses the power and respect of his position to seduce a student, it is illegal.

  3. knowit says:

    This is disgusting…didn’t do anything until she was 18…what about all the prepping/stalking/lying/plotting over a minor he was doing until then? His a55 belongs in jail as a child molester and a predator!

  4. mom T says:

    I want to know how her mom knew nothing of what was going on with her own kid? Maybe Jordan was looking for adult attention she was not getting at home.Maybe Jordans mom needs to look into why her daughter would need to seek love outside of her own home!Jordan probably just needed a hug from her own mom and could not get one.

    1. EqRider says:

      Wow that is very insightful. I never thought of that. I mean I still think it is disgusting but maybe your right. I wonder if maybe the relationship between the mother and daughter should be looked into.

      But I do have to say I dont think it is right what is happening. The girl was what 14 when she met the teacher? And I cant believe that there was never anything going on. I can believe that they may not have had a physical relationship but do you really believe that nothing else happened? He’s 41 how many moral 41 year olds do you know that leave there family for a 18 year old student? I mean i;m not saying that it doesnt happen that older men leave there familys everyday for someone younger. But as a Teacher he has the faith of parents to keep there children safe. Thats not what he did in this case. Insted he is practucally saying that having an affair is alright. That tearing apart a family is ok and that living with someone right out of high school is the best thing for your future. All of which are not ok or true.

  5. Ronald Gerthsetter says:

    Debauchery and perversion are the new “chic” in the 21st Century !

  6. karen says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

  7. will says:

    The two simply have NO morals period!! Just lust! The family should have NO part of him.. It won’t last.

  8. Sally says:

    Hopefully she Weill realize that the grass is greener on the other side and that she should be hangin with her own age group to the wife of this loser god help you and your children

  9. gord says:

    How thoughtful of the teacher to go public with his relationship. He must be so proud of himself. Selfish d!ck!

  10. Carol says:

    Not only is he a Perv, and should be put away, but he is ugly.

  11. sassafras says:

    This man has admitted his guilt as a child prediter everywhere, he has said that while they were seeing each other on dates, which was illegal activity for a teacher child relationship he was holding off having intercourse with her until the days after she turned 18 which means he was priming her for sex, that is criminal even if she is 18 now he is still guilty as all get out of child exploytation for sex. She never really looks happy in any of the pics we have seen of her, he knew she needed a fathers attention, thats what pedifiles do while picking their victims. SOOOOOOOOO why isn’t he in jail?

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