CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man they say was using an elaborate system to steal gas directly from an underground tank at a Carmichael gas station.

Deputies were responding to another call at an apartment complex in the area of Winding Way and Hackberry Lane overnight when they noticed a white van parked at the gas station with its lights off.

When deputies approached, a man ran from the van which was parked directly over an underground tank at the station. A green hose had been lowered into the tank. A pump inside the van was siphoning gasoline into a large plastic tank inside the van.

A green hose can be seen leading from a plastic tank inside a van into an underground gas tank at a Carmichael gas station. (credit: CBS)

Deputies were able to track down the suspect and arrest him.

With gas prices skyrocketing, deputies say we will most likely see more of this type of crime.

“These type of vehicles go around and doing this at different gas stations. They park over the top of it so it looks like nothing is going on but they add a tube that would come directly out of the vehicles,” explained a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy at the scene.

It’s unclear exactly how much gas was taken, but it’s estimated the tank in the van could hold 200 or 300 gallons of gas.

The suspect could face grand theft charges.

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  1. lurkio says:

    So when is someone gonna get arrested for gouging the public on Gas prices?.
    like never!

  2. knowit says:

    My sister in Eastern Oregon told me this story two days ago…seems they are ahead of our own news!

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